Student Organizations

Student organizations must apply directly to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) for either:

  • Reunion Permit: one day permit
  • Periodic Reunion Permit: series of events taking place on specific dates throughout the year (maximum 24 dates per year)

The application to the RACJ must be accompanied by the Letter of Authorization. The letter will be issued by the McGill Alcohol Permits Administration office after complying with the following requirements:

  • Student Organizations submit details of their alcohol-related event online
  • Application for permission to use outdoor facilities must also be submitted online and approved by the Office of Planning and Institutional Analysis (514-398-4412).
    • You must send the request 6 weeks before the event to the Office of Planning and Institutional Analysis

  • Events require approval by several McGill University administrative departments before a Letter of Authorization can be issued (514-398-7687)

    • You must send the request 6 weeks before the event to the Office of Conferences and Special Events

When applying for the Letter of Authorization, the Student organization shall maintain in their name an adequate insurance policy covering alcohol related events and naming McGill University as additional insured.

Request for a Letter of Authorization Procedures

During the event, Student organizations shall:

  • Ensure that all alcohol servers are registered with Healthy McGill as having attended a Server Training session and obtained their Server badge, which they must wear visibly during service with their McGill ID card. 
  • Ensure that at least one (1) organizer, present throughout, is registered with Healthy McGill as having being Server Trained.
  • Exercise their permits in accordance with all laws, regulations, and codes and with the internal requirements of the University such as: Alcoholic Beverages Policy, building codes, fire regulations, security standards, building use etc...
  • Purchase their own alcoholic beverages in accordance with the provisions of the reunion permit issued by the Regie and maintain appropriate records relating to the purchase and sales of alcoholic beverages for possible audit by provincial authorities.

Alcohol permits and landlord Letters of Authorization can now be obtained through our online events booking system. Once you have read and agreed to the regulations contained in this section, you can proceed to the application by clicking here.

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