Capital projects / Planning process

McGill has developed a prioritization process for capital projects that is based on portfolios that reflect the different functional areas of the University. This prioritization process enables the University to align capital expenditures with McGill’s strategic objectives.

Units representing each of these sectors are given an annual allocation and have the mandate to review and rank the requests for projects that fall under their area of responsibility. 


The different portfolios and corresponding units are:

Institutional Priorities

Initiatives driven by Faculties and administrative units in support of the academic mission. For example: transformation of space to accommodate an academic program or an administrative need.

Led by the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)


Research infrastructure projects funded by external granting agencies (e.g. lab upgrade).

Led by the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)

Student Life and Learning

Initiatives aimed at improving or transforming spaces supporting student life, teaching and learning (e.g. driven by Teaching and Learning Services, Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Athletics and Recreation, etc.)

Co-led by the Offices of the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) and Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Programs)

Physical Infrastructure

Initiatives aimed at maintaining, repairing or rehabilitating basic physical assets (buildings, grounds, utilities) to support all functional areas of the University (e.g. repairs to façades or roofs, replacement of windows, new HVAC systems, etc.) 

Led by Facilities Management and Ancillary Services


Physical infrastructure necessary to support IT services.

Led by IT Services

Campus Development

Major initiatives of campus development (new building, extensive renovation, etc.)

Led by Campus Planning and Development at Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

How to submit a project request

To submit a project request, please fill out the Project Request Form and return it to projetrequest.fod [at] (Facilities Management and Ancillary Services).

It will be forwarded to the unit that manages the corresponding portfolio.

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