Research Administrator

Andrew Griffin  

772 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal, Québec, H3A 1Y2

Phone: 514-398-8412
Fax:     514-398-4266
Email:  researchadmin.eboh [at]     

He can be reached at the above phone number and email Monday-Friday.

Provides administrative leadership for all external scholarships and awards e.g. CIHR, FRSQ, NSERC, etc.

For McGill University funded scholarships and awards, please contact André Yves Gagnon.

Expense Reports

Please consult the Expense Report Checklist to ensure that you are submitting an expense report correctly.

Keep Minerva Updated

In order to avoid delays in receiving any student awards or employment income it is important to keep Minerva updated with your CURRENT ADDRESS, SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (if you have one), and DIRECT DEPOSIT INFORMATION (see below).

Obtaining the Chair's Signature

Many grant applications and ethics approval forms (IRB forms) require the signature of the Chair. In order to obtain the required signatures before a deadline, students should bring a full and complete copy of their application to the Research Administrator at 772 Sherbrooke Street W., 3rd floor (preferably 10 days in advance of the submission deadline). If the documents are received by Wednesday noon, we will endeavour to sign and return the documents to you by Friday of the next week.

Notify the Chair's Office of all Applications

Even if a grant does not require the Chair/Departmental signature, please notify the Chair’s office when you apply by sending a copy of the completed application to the Research Administrator.   

Setup Direct Deposit NOW

If you have not already done so, please setup up direct deposit as soon as you have a Canadian bank account. Do not wait until you are offered an award or job. This will eliminate delays in the event you receive any type of award or employment income.  To do so, log on to Minerva and go the Student > Financial Aid & Awards > Financial Aid > Direct Deposit Bank Account and fill in the section “Student-related bank account information”. IMPORTANT: Hit “Copy to payroll bank information” button and save. 

Fellowships and Awards

Note:  Students who are awarded any external scholarships are required to inform the Research Administrator in Room 32.  Also, let EBOSS know as they would like to post this news on the EBOSS website.

McGill fellowship awards open to students in the department are listed on the GPS Website: Also, see the Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar for important dates.  The link is available at the above website.  Note the deadlines because many are in the fall. Be sure to start your applications early as you will need to obtain letters from referees and to order your university transcripts.  Certified transcripts for studies completed at McGill can be ordered free of charge from Minerva (  In some cases, an agency may accept an unofficial copy of your transcripts which has been authenticated by the department’s Student Affairs Office.  Check with the granting agency and, if allowed, see if the department has a copy of your university transcripts on file.

Notification of Awards

Each year our students receive many awards and prizes from various agencies.  The recipients of these awards are required to provide us with the following:

  • a copy of the ‘application form’ submitted to the relevant agency | institution (including signatures).
  • a copy of the ‘offer of award letter’ from the relevant agency (including a breakdown of the fund awarded per annum, if relevant).
  • Depending on the type of award, you may be required to submit other documents to Graduate and Postgraduate Studies and/or Financial Services. Please contact the Research Administrator whenever you receive any award, grant or prize.

This will enable us to serve you better and to ensure that you receive the correct guidance in a timely fashion.

PhD Students Who Receive Awards Accompanied by a Research Allowance

Please arrange a meeting with the Research Administrator to discuss procedures for spending your research allowance in accordance with guidelines set out by the funding agencies and McGill University.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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