Talent-Venture Match

Talent-Venture Match Group on MSTeams

McGill students from across the University can connect with one another to form teams with diverse skills to work on their technologically-based ideas with business or social impact potential.

To join the MSTeams group called Talent-Venture Match engine [at] mcgill.ca (subject: I%20want%20to%20join%20the%20Talent-Venture%20Match%20group) (contact us) to get the code to join the group.

Student Talent

Are you a student who wants to share your skills with others and connect with student entrepreneurs?

  1. Create your profile description which highlights your current field of study and the talents you want to share.

  2. Browse through the Ventures descriptions to find a fit with your skills and interests.

  3. Connect directly with the student entrepreneur via Chat

Student Venture

Are you an aspiring student entrepreneur with an idea/problem to solve? Are you looking to build or grow your team and connect with other students?

  1. Create your profile by posting the non-confidential description of your venture idea and what kind of expertise you are seeking.

  2. Browse through the Talent descriptions to find a fit with students that can support your venture.

  3. Connect directly with the student talent via Chat.

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