McGill Sustainable Labs Guide for Researchers

Published: 11 May 2017

**This message is sent on behalf of Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) and Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the McGill Sustainable Labs Guide. Over the past year, the Sustainable Labs Working Group (under the purview of the University Lab Safety Committee) has consulted with various stakeholders – students, staff, and faculty – to identify best practices on our campuses and those of our peers, and synthesized them into a summary guide to sustainable lab practices.

The Guide stems from the Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy (approved in spring of 2014). It was reviewed and approved by the University Lab Safety Committee to ensure relevance to the McGill context and our sustainability goals.

The McGill Sustainable Labs Guide explains and expands on the six sustainability items that have been added to the Laboratory Safety Inspection Work Form. While these items will not affect inspection scores, they will allow the University to collect baseline data on existing practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

If you have any questions on the Guide or how it might impact your lab, please do not hesitate to contact christian.bouchard [at] (subject: RE%3A%20McGill%20Sustainable%20Labs%20Guide%20for%20Researchers) (Christian Bouchard) (x5534) for more information.


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