Dr. Gordon Bloom

Professor / Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Gordon Bloom
Contact Information

Currie Gymnasium, 475 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4


514-398-4400 Ext 0516
Email address: 
gordon.bloom [at] mcgill.ca
Kinesiology and Physical Education
Sport Psychology Research Lab
Areas of expertise: 

Sport psychology, pedagogy, coaching knowledge and behaviours, team building, psychology of athletic injuries (concussions).


B.A. (W. Ont.), M.A.(York), Ph.D.(Ott.)

Selected publications: 

Urquhart, D., Bloom, G.A., & Loughead, T.M. (in press). The development, articulation, and implementation of a coaching vision of multiple championship-winning University ice hockey coaches. International Sport Coaching Journal.

Lefebvre, J.S., Bloom, G.A., & Loughead, T.M. (in press). A citation network analysis of career mentoring across disciplines: A roadmap for mentoring research in sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

Dohme, L-C., Bloom, G.A., Piggott, D., & Backhouse, S. (in press). Development, implementation, and evaluation of an athlete-informed mental skills training program for elite youth tennis players. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

Koh, K.T., Koh, L.S.M., Bloom, G.A., & Loughead, T.M. (in press). Stakeholders’ perceptions and recommendations of a high school leadership development programme for athletes in Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Education.

Grant, M.A., Bloom, G.A., & Lefebvre, J.S. (2020). Lessons learned: Coaches’ perceptions of a pilot e-mentoring programme. International Sport Coaching Journal, 7 (1), 22-30.

Alexander, D., Bloom, G.A., & Taylor, S.L. (2020). Female Paralympic athlete views on effective and ineffective coaching practices. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 32 (1), 48-63.

Lepage, P., Bloom, G.A., & Falcão W.R. (2020). Development and acquisition of knowledge of youth parasport coaches. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 37 (1), 72-89.

Falcão, W.R., Bloom, G.A., Caron, J.G., & Gilbert, W.D. (2019). Youth athletes’ perceptions of humanistic coaching. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 50 (6), 523-547.

Alexander, D.M., Hutt, E.A., Lefebvre, J.S., & Bloom, G.A. (2019). Using imagery to enhance performance in powerlifting: A review of theory, research, and practice. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 41 (6), 102-109.

Douglas, S., Falcão, W.R., & Bloom, G.A. (2018). Career development and learning pathways of Paralympic coaches with a disability. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 35 (1), 93-110.

Caron, J.G., Bloom, G.A., & Podlog, L. (2018). Are athletes psychologically ready for a return to sport following a concussion? British Journal of Sports Medicine, 52 (1), 1-2.

Allain, J., Bloom, G.A., & & Gilbert, W.D. (2018). Successful high-performance ice hockey coaches’ intermission routines and situational factors that guide implementation. The Sport Psychologist, 32 (3), 210-219.

Delaney, J.S., Caron, J.G., Correa, J.A., & Bloom, G.A. (2018). Why Professional football players chose not to reveal their concussion symptoms during a practice or game. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 28 (1), 1-12.

Caron, J.G., Rathwell, S., Delaney, J.S., Johnston, K.M., Ptito, A., & Bloom, G.A. (2018). Development, implementation and assessment of a concussion education programme for high school student-athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 36 (1), 48-55.


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