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All levels - Trajectory

Students admitted in FALL 2014 and prior should follow the recommended progression through the M.A. or Ph.D. program below (click on photo to enlarge)

Students admitted in FALL 2015 and after should follow the recommended progression through the M.A. or Ph.D. program below (click on photo to enlarge)

Trajectory for students admitted Fall 2014 and prior

Trajectory for students admitted Fall 2015 and later




McGill Calendar - All ECP graduate-level courses (500-level and above).





Master of Arts (M.A.) Non-Thesis - Project

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Fall 2023/ Winter 2024 Timetables

MA1 Timetable F22-W23

MA2 Timetable F22-W23




Summer MA1 or MA2:  Students must enroll in a total of 18 credits of Research Project  Courses. Students are expected to register for EDSP 691 Research Project 1 (3 cr) in the Fall Semester of MA2 and EDSP 692 Research Project 2 (3cr)  in the Winter Semester of MA 2.  Students can register for the remaining  research project credits in the summer of MA 1 or 2, depending on the year they are being funded, in order to maintain full time student status. Students receiving funding are encouraged to contact [at] (ECP Program Coordinators) for registration advice regarding their specific situation. 

Students also do not register for EDSP or EDPE 600D1/D2 - School Psychology Seminar/Current Topics: Educational Psychology but must attend in their second year of study. Students attend this course over two years but only enroll during their MA2 year.


McGill e-calendar

Fall 2023/ Winter 2024 Timetables

The following timetable is for students who graduate from McGill’s MA School/Applied Child Psychology (non-thesis) Project Concentration program only. In order to meet OPQ accreditation requirements, students admitted to the PhD with an MA degree from another University may have a different individual course of study from the one illustrated on this page.

PhD2 Timetable F22-W23

PhD3 Timetable F22-W23

PhD4-5 Timetable F22-W23

Note: For students admitted prior to 2015, contact [at]


After having consulted the Department's and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' registration information pages, here you will find information on your specific courses of study throughout the program. All students are required to follow the course sequences as outlined in the provided time table. If you are a newly-admitted student, do not forget to accept your offer of admission on Minerva otherwise you will not be able to register for any courses!

In exceptional circumstances students with prior graduate-level coursework may follow a different course sequencing (or plan of study). In such cases, it is the student’s responsibility to be in contact with their Supervisor (see faculty listings) and [at] (Program Advisor) to ensure they are enrolling in the correct courses and progressing through the program appropriately.

Information about fees, fines, and other charges can be found on the Students Accounts website.


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