Graduate Certificate in Counselling Applied to Teaching

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Does it seem like every day brings a new challenge or crisis to your classroom?


The Graduate Certificate in Counselling Applied to Teaching (15 credits) is designed for teachers who face complex emotional, intellectual or psychological issues and possible crises on a daily basis in their classrooms. While this program does not train teachers to be certified counsellors, it does offer training which will allow them to acquire the skills to be able to recognize signs and behaviour which should be dealt with by a qualified trained professional in the counselling field. The program is administered by the McGill School of Continuing Studies.

The goal of this program is to enhance teachers' knowledge and skills in interpersonal relations, communication, interviewing, group organization and leadership, crisis intervention, and career thinking and planning. In each of these knowledge areas it addresses the recognition of situations when it is appropriate to make a referral to a personal or career counsellor, psychologist, or other professional. The program addresses both elementary and secondary education.

Primary audience

Certified teachers.


This Graduate Certificate in Counselling Applied to Teaching does not qualify graduates to practice professional counselling or psychology (e.g., conducting psychological assessments or psychotherapy), or to refer to themselves by the term Counsellor or Psychologist: these are legally reserved titles.

Programs leading to licensing as Counsellor or Psychologist are presented under Educational and Counselling Psychology (Counselling Psychology and School/Applied Child Psychology) or Psychology (Clinical Psychology) in the Mcgill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Calendar.



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Progression of Required Courses

Students are required to follow the course sequences as outlined in the timetables provided below.



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