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The following is a listing of core faculty members in the Human Development program. For a complete list of all faculty and their supervisory areas please consult the ECP faculty listing.

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Armando Bertone

Associate Professor &
William Dawson Scholar


armando.bertone [at] (Email) | Profile

Autism spectrum conditions, development, cognitive assessment, cognitive training, perceptual learning, development of visual and auditory processes, multisensory integration, social perception, technology transfer.

Research website: Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory (PNLab) for Autism and Development

Jacob Burack



jacob.burack [at] (Email) | Profile

The development of attention and cognition among typically developing children, persons with autism, and persons with specific syndromes associated with intellectual disabilities.

Research website: McGill Youth Study Team


Tara Flanagan

Associate Professor


tara.flanagan [at] (Email) | Profile

Inclusive education, social inclusion, social policy, transition, self-determination, quality of life, people with disabilities and other equity-seeking groups.


Nancy Heath

James McGill Professor


nancy.heath [at] (Email)  | Profile

Mental health in schools, enhancing mental health resilience, non-suicidal self-injury.

Research website: Heath Research Team

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.

Professor Konishi

Chiaki Konishi

Associate Professor


chiaki.konishi [at] (Email) | Profile

Social-emotional development, connectedness (including: attachment, peer relationships, student-teacher relationships, non-parental adult relationships), bullying and discrimination, school climate, social and ecological perspectives, health and development in marginalized populations (eg., sexual and racial/ethnic minorities), methodological and statistical issues.

Gigi Luk

Program Director, Associate Professor

gigi.luk [at] (Email) | Profile


Cognitive development, bilingualism, language development, literacy acquisition, reading, lifespan development, magnetic resonance imaging, functional and structural neural networks.

Note: Accepting MA students only in 2024.

Jessica Ruglis

Assistant Professor


jessica.ruglis [at] (Email) | Profile

School dropout, early school leaving and dis/engagement; educational trajectories; educational inequities; child and adolescent health and development; relationships between education and health; social determinants of health; social and education policy; social theory; critical race and social issues in education.


Victoria Talwar

Associate Professor,
Canadian Research Chair Tier 2


victoria.talwar [at] (Email)  | Profile

Development of lying in children, theory of mind, and child witness testimony.

Research website: Talwar Child Development Research Lab

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.



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