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Health Professions Education program overview

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Directors' message

The Health Professions Education program is dedicated to the preparation of qualified researchers, developers, and practitioners who can advance the scientific understanding and practice of teaching and learning as they happen in the health professions and throughout the life-span.

The program is for health professionals who are interested in conducting educational research and working on development projects (e.g., program, curriculum, faculty) as well as for Education Psychology graduate students who are interested in issues related to medical education and education in other health professions.

The Health Professions Education program aims to develop competent and inquiring professionals who have the skills to understand and improve learning and teaching by way of conceptualizing and conducting educational research in different formal and informal settings related to the health professions.

The program has been conceived and is offered in collaboration with the Institute of Health Sciences Education and affiliated faculty. Student selection is done jointly as is graduate supervision.

If needed, the Department can provide a letter, attesting that the individual has been a graduate student in the Health Professions Education concentration.

Adam Dubé
Program Director

Linda Snell

Linda Snell
Program Co-Director


MA in Educational Psychology, Health Professions Education concentration.


Visit the program's Courses & Timetables page.


Visit the Health Professions Education Faculty page and the main ECP Research page to view professors and research teams associated with the Health Professions Education program. Follow the links to individual research websites to learn more about specific projects, graduate students involved in these projects, research and other apprenticeship opportunities, and funding. On the Research page, you will also find links to ECP faculty publications and full-text theses.



Health Professions Education brochure [.pdf]



For assistance or additional information, please contact:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Tel.: 514-398-4244

Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology
Faculty of Education, McGill University
3700 McTavish Street, Room 614
Montreal, QC  H3A 1Y2


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