Workout for Your Health and the Planet: Off The Grid's Mission to Revolutionize Fitness

Off The Grid is reducing the ecological footprint of every workout 🚲

Check out our interview with Off The Grid co-founder Charles Couture-Lebrun to learn about their plans for a greener future. We are excited to support them at our upcoming stop in the International Tour: WCEF in Brussels.

Off The Grid

What motivated you and your co-founders to start Off The Grid?

When my father retired, he began focusing on prioritizing his health and fitness, inspiring me to seek out gym equipment options. While I was studying in my masters, I noticed a gap in sustainable gym gear within the market. Motivated by my father's commitment to fitness and the untapped potential in the sustainable energy gym equipment sector, I embarked on the journey to establish Off The Grid.

What are some challenges you are facing while scaling your start-up?

There are 3 main challenges we are facing; the first one being financing and finding investments. Given our unique position as a niche startup operating at the intersection of hardware, fitness, and clean tech, our market presence spans various infrastructural realms, making scalability a complex endeavor.

Our second challenge is cost of production, particularly as we maintain manufacturing operations in Montreal while sourcing materials locally.

Our most pressing challenge, however, lies in client acquisition and expanding our distribution network. Accessing corporate gyms or schools for product distribution is paramount to our growth strategy, so we are intensifying our efforts to bolster our network both in Europe and the US.

How did the Dobson Centre play a role in Off The Grid as we know it today?

Being part of the international funding tour has been an extraordinary opportunity. Last year, we were fortunate to visit New York twice, and during one of our trips, we had the chance to meet with a potential distributor. Interestingly, shortly after our meeting, they were acquired by one of our competitors. Now, we're actively working towards finalizing a significant deal with them. The tour has undeniably created many opportunities that are now coming to fruition.

Who would be an ideal partner or collaborator for Off The Grid?

We're pursuing the private label market as there are prominent manufacturers with distribution channels globally. Particularly targeting prominent manufacturers such as TechnoGym. Given their emphasis on cutting-edge technology within gym equipment, TechnoGym would be an ideal fit for a potential partnership in the future.

What are you most excited about for WCEF in Brussels?

It's an amazing opportunity to meet potential investors across Europe. We’re already having discussions with investment funds in France, Germany, and Denmark at the event.

Given our commitment to sustainable practices, as showcased by our manufacturing of recycled plastic and green aluminum, we are eager to improve our knowledge and delve into strategies for integrating the circular economy into our production and manufacturing endeavors.

Off The Grid

At Off The Grid, we believe that physical training is an untapped source of energy. We started the company with a specific goal: to reduce the ecological footprint of every workout. Our product? An innovative spinning bike that transforms users' energy into electricity. Off The Grid is all about training for your well-being, for fun and for the planet.

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