Jessica Saada

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Faculty Lecturer

Jessica Saada
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jessica.saada [at]

Jessica is a reader, a writer and a teacher, who has been passionately involved in education for more than thirty years. She has taught students from preschool to university, and has continuously supported teacher learning in her roles as education consultant, in-school administrator and, these past years, director of educational and technology services for a school board. Her interests are very varied and include identity, language and literacy, professional collaboration and school success. While we continue to focus on the what, the why and the how in education, Jessica believes that urgent attention needs to be drawn to the who.

  • Ph. D., Integrated Studies in Education
  • Master of Education, Second Language Teaching
  • Bachelor of Education, Preschool/Elementary (PIF)


Areas of expertise: 
  • Identity
  • Language and Literacy
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Professional collaboration
  • Leadership
  • School Success


Faculty Lecturers
Current research: 

Pédagogie de l'immersion française (PIF)

Selected publications: 
  • Saada, J. (2019). A Place to Think. Vol. 16 No. 2 (2019): Transnational Curriculum Inquiry, 16(2).
  • Saada, J., & Makarow, E. F. (2012). Communiquer pour apprendre, apprendre à communiquer. Chenelière-éducation.
  • Saada, J., & Fortin, A. (2010). Écrire avec plaisir, un trait à la fois. Chenelière-éducation.


Graduate supervision: 

Does not supervise grad students.

Awards, honours, and fellowships: 
  • 2018, Recipient of the Award of Recognition for a Dissertation on Teacher Education, Canadian Association of Teacher Education


Professional activities: 
  • Teacher Education, Pedagogy & Leadership
  • Arts, Languages & Literacy Education;Diversity, Identity & Indigenous Topics
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