Teaching a Course in DISE


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Important Dates and Deadlines

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Course Outline Template

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Learning Plan Templates

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Powerpoint for Instructors: Constructing Meaningful Learning

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University Policy and Regulations | Secretariat Website

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Teaching and Learning Services


Remote Learning Support


Planning Your Course

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Ordering/Organizing Course Materials

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Using myCourses

myCourses is McGill's online learning management system.

Please visit the IT Knowledge Base for complete instructions.

Support for myCourses

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Room Booking Information

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Suspected Plagiarism

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Guidelines for returning assignments / tests to students


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Mid-course Evaluations

End of course Evaluations

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Resources from the Québec Government: QEP Website

Quebec Education Program (QEP)

The "Toward a School Enriched by All its Students" Toolkit

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Resources from the Québec Government: Teacher Training

Teacher Professional Competencies


Program-Specific Requirements

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E-Portfolio Guidelines for  B.Ed. and MATL Programs Resource Guide

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Capstone Research Project (MATL)


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University Student Assessment Policy

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Language of Assessment and DISE Addendum

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Undergraduate Grading Scale and Grade Point Averages

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Graduate Grading Scale and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Policy Statements

  1. DISE Attendance Guidelines and Policies
  2. DISE Attendance Guidelines for Remote Teaching
  3. Policy on Accommodation of Holy Days
  4. Exam/Class/Laboratory Conflicts with Sport Events (Intercollegiate Sport Event Accommodation Form)
  5. Students Caring for Dependents
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Grade Submission Information

Instructions for final grade submission

KnowledgeBase Information on entering/modifying grades in Minerva

Resources and Facilities

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Classroom Resources

Technology in the Faculty

Classroom Audiovisual Instruction Tool

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Library Resources for Research and Teaching

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uPrint System for Copying, Printing

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Shared Office Space for Course Lecturers


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McGill Emergency Management and Preparedness

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Engaging with Indigenous Perspectives in your teaching


Remote Learning Support


Instructors Meeting, Winter 2022

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