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16: Montérégie

Title of the project
Montérégie Training and Human Resources Development Project

Townshippers’ Association

CSSS Haute-Yamaska, CSSS La Pommeraie, Centre Jeunesse de la Montérégie, Centre de prévention du suicide de la Haute-Yamaska, Alternative en Santé mentale, McGill School of Social Work, McGill School of Nursing, McGill's Department of Psychology, Vanier College, Concordia University

Description of planned Activities
This project addresses a specific need for English-speaking professionals in social work and mental health services. In the first year (2005-06), the project set up a steering group to develop the potential field placements and to develop communication and recruitment material. A network of potential supervisors was identified. Preparation work and recruitment continued in 2006-07. Six interns were placed in 2007-08. As the result of these field placements, a number of the students were offered employment in the region including two of the Speech Pathology students, and a Masters of Social Work Student. Some of these former students are native-born Townshippers and the McGill project is enabling them to stay in the area.

Budget Allocation

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