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09: Côte-Nord

Title of the project
Creating Sustainable Initiatives to Retain and Maintain Health and Social Services Professionals on the Lower North Shore

Coasters' Association

CSSS Basse-Côte-Nord, CSSS Sept-Îles, Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec (CHAUQ)

Cote Nord

Description of planned Activities
This project addresses the professional and linguistic needs on the Lower North Shore. The major problem for this region would appear to be retaining English-speaking professionals. Therefore, the project concentrates on some aspects of solving this problem. In the first year (2005-06), the project developed a community guide, promoted and supported an employee buddy system, and developed an action plan to improve transport and lodging for employees. Supervision arrangements have been put in place for field placements. In the second and third years (2006-07, 2007-08), the project focused on implementing aspects developed in year 1 and established the field placement program.

Budget Allocation

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