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Measure 1: Language Training

Measure 1
 Language training program larger image [.pdf]


The language training program presented is part of the Training and Human Resources Development Project that McGill University is to implement. This project has been designed in collaboration with Health Canada’s Consultative Committee for English-speaking Minority Communities and the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN). The Faculty of Arts at McGill University is sponsoring and administering the project.

The objectives of McGill University’s Training and Human Resources Development Project are to ensure effective communication in English between English-speaking Quebecers and personnel in the health and social services network called upon to respond to their needs; and to enhance participation of English-speaking personnel in the Québec health and social services system. The language training program is comprised of three sections:

  1. English second language courses for French-speaking personnel in the 16 health and social services regions covered by the program;
  2. French second language courses for English-speaking personnel, in particular those persons working in a French-speaking environment;
  3. An exchange and support network for trainers aimed at fostering communication and the sharing of best practices.

This project is designed to ensure that English-speaking Quebecers obtain equitable access, in their language, to the range of health and social services offered to the entire population. The project has been elaborated against a backdrop of sociodemographic changes affecting Quebec’s English-speaking communities, the adoption of new legislation modifying the organization of work, and the modernization of the health and social services system. It will be geared to clinical projects now being prepared pertaining to the organization of services. (R.S.Q., c. S-4.2).

Measure 1 Prospectus [.pdf]

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