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07: Outaouais

Title of the project
The West Quebec Health Care Professional Retention Project

Regional Association of West Quebecers

Outaouais Health and Social Services Network, CSSS des Collines, CSSS Pontiac, CSSS de Gatineau

Description of planned Activities

This project seeks to retain health care professionals in the region by improving the ability of English-language trained nurses to operate in francophone health establishments. This allows young people to remain and work in the region as well as improving health care services in English for the English-speaking population. The project enriches the French language training program at Heritage College. The first years (2005-06, 06-07) saw the completion of a needs analysis, the development of the course content and, in 2007-08, the delivery of the first course. Six students were placed in a francophone establishment.

Budget Allocation

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