Student Guidance

MSc Non-Thesis students do not have a supervisor. However, they receive guidance and are closely followed by the Program Directors, notably regarding:

  • Course selection – The Program Directors will assist students in selecting complementary courses based on student interest and background.
  • Practicum assignment – The Program Directors will advise students regarding pertinent practicum opportunities, taking into consideration their strengths as indicated by academic performance in core courses, individual skills, and expertise, including their unique profile developed through complementary courses, qualifications, and evolving interests.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the practicum, in conjunction with a practicum supervisor.
  • Overall program guidance and support.

A faculty member or designated member of a community organization will act in a supervisory role for students undertaking their final term practicum. They will oversee one or more MSc students in their practicum placement, related student readings, and the final project.

The graduate.dentistry [at] (Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator) is available to answer questions about enrollment, student compliance with coursework requirements, distribution of practicum proposals, as well as about technical matters related to practicum selection and placement.

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