Career Pathways

Successfully completing the MSc Non-Thesis program, including the practicum, will open career opportunities in oral health-related services and community-oriented work in academic, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

Our program furthers the development of students with a background in health-related fields or dental health professionals who wish to deepen and enhance their scholarship and skills. Upon graduation, students may enter the job market in health organizations or continue to a PhD and an independent research career.

The program is congruent with our focus on knowledge translation (KT), as our entire faculty has well-articulated KT goals. Within the Population Oral Health cluster, the following KT goals guide research:

  • generate knowledge of complex problems in dental public health;
  • address oral health problems through the development of recommendations, guidelines, and interventions;
  • evaluate implementation with the goal of improving oral health outcomes and increasing health equity;
  • increase understanding of the distribution and determinants of chronic oral diseases; and
  • contribute to health policy development for the improvement of health outcomes and equity.
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