Faculty and Staff Awards

Couldn't-have-made-it-without-you Award

This award honors outstanding achievements in administrative and technical support to our Faculty. Nominations closed on October 31, 2022.

On November 23, 2022, an ad-hoc Selection Committee, comprised of two staff award winners from previous years, and one representative each from Administration, Undergraduate and Graduate studies (in total 5 voting members), was convened to select the winners for each employment category (clerical, technical and management).

We are pleased to announce the Couldn't-have-made-it-without-you award winners of 2022:

Clerical Category

Technical Category

Management Category

Daniela Botoca, Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator

Lorna Daley, Infection Control Technician

Chantal Desjardins, Program Officer

Please join us in congratulating them for their extraordinary contributions beyond the call of duty.

We couldn’t have made it without you!


Past winners:


  • Brendan Leslie Kelly, Shopkeeper - clerical (C) category
  • Maxine Daley, Infection Control Technician - technical (T) category
  • Linda Harrison, Simulation Lab Administrator - management (M) category


  • Marilyn Sylvester, Head Storekeeper – clerical (C) category
  • Raffaele Notarmaso, Infection Control Technician – technical (T) category
  • Nancy Cheong, Program Administrator – management (M) category


2019: Marlene Balena, Anne-Marie Plante
2018: Iren Urazbaeva, Michelle Dion
2017: Nicole Brunelle
2016: Rocchina Testa
2015: Celine Ash, Nikoo Taghavi
2014: Isabelle Chevrier, Marie-Claude Loignon
2013: Romantha Descartes


The Dr. Howard S. Katz Excellence in Teaching Award

This award recognizes superior teaching, pedagogical innovation and leadership at the undergraduate level of dental education. The following criteria will contribute to the evaluation: excellent student evaluations, evidence of pedagogical innovation, and recognition of leadership in dental education.

PDF icon Katz Teaching Award Nomination Terms of Reference

The full nomination package should be submitted by March 1st of each year to the Dean’s office at Deanadm.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca.

Past winners:

2021: Dr. Christophe Bedos
2020: Dr. Frances Power
2019: Dr. Firoozeh Samim
2018: Dr. Francois Seng
2017: Dr. Maryam Tabrizian
2016: Dr. Shahrokh Esfandiari
2015: Dr. John Drummond

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