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The goal of iMPACTS is to reclaim the role of universities to address sexual violence policies and curriculum practices through evidence-based research that shows greater promise of reducing and preventing sexual violence than arbitrary and reactive, hastily thrown together policies. One of our objectives is to engage students with influencing sector-partners to collaborate in developing creative curriculum content and informed policies that can be embedded in every aspect of curriculum and university life. We recognize that teachers and educators in schools, colleges, CEGEPs, universities and extra-curricular spaces have developed many useful materials to teach these subjects.  This section provides a list of existing resources and lesson plans developed by educators and service providers. 


Define the Line Videos:


Lesson plans and classroom materials:


Webinars and worksheets:




Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence

This research project, led by Brunel University London with 7 partners and 7 associate partners across 7 European countries, aims to develop innovative training for university staff who may respond to disclosures of sexual violence, and to embed this within institutions. Through this project there are numerous training materials available to download. Click here to check out the website and see what resources could work for you. 


Courage to Act

Courage to Act is a two-year national initiative to address and prevent gender-based violence on post-secondary campuses in Canada. It builds on the key recommendations within Possibility Seeds vital report Courage to Act: Developing a National Framework to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence at Post-Secondary Institutions. With a team of experts from across Canada, we will develop tools, create resources and share strategies in the first national collaborative of its kind to take action on gender-based violence on post-secondary campuses.


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