Dr. Shariff at the National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault for Higher Education Administrators


Published: 20Nov2017

Dr. Shaheen Shariff will be presenting as a keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault for Higher Education Administrators

Dr. Shariff will present her keynote, titled "A partnered approach to sexual violence policy in universities" on Friday, December 8 at 10:15am (see the agenda here). 

This conference is designed to support and advance the work of higher education administrators. Attendees at the conference will hear first-hand from student survivor advocates and higher-education administrators as they discuss their challenges and initiatives for tackling this critical concern. The conference aims to assess practical ways higher education administrators can educate their communities about sexual assault, prevent its occurrence, respond to reports of misconduct, and care for the victims. A goal of the conference is to facilitate important dialogue and perspectives on survivor care, policies, legal challenges, interdisciplinary cooperation, and complaint processes -- with the overarching intention to broaden the conversation and take steps towards eliminating sexual assault on campus. Visit the conference website for more information.

Details about this event can also be found herelisted in the IMPACTS Project Event Archive.

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