In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site


The McClure Gallery and the Visual Arts Centre, in partnership with the IMPACTS Project, is pleased to invite you to the In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site exhibition. This exhibition will offer a dialogic and reflective artistic space to critically engage with the conditions and actions that promote or combat sexual violence. Through the work of the artists, the body will be shown to be a site for expression, empowerment, and resistance.

The exhibition makes the issue of sexual violence more visible within the community through the work of the six selected artists – Hannah Claus, Dayna Danger, Maria Ezcurra, Sandeep Johal, Kama La Mackerel and Nadia Myre – as in their work the body is shown to be a site for expression, empowerment, and resistance. The presentation of these artists’ work activates under-voiced realities associated with sexual violence across a broad spectrum of experience. The primary question guiding this exhibition is: How can the body be artistically employed to understand, expose, challenge, and disrupt sexual violence? The works will pose further questions, offer counter-narratives to dominant discourses related to sexual violence, and present potential methods for dismantling and preventing the insidious culture of sexual violence present in our society. The curators and IMPACTS Director, James McGill Professor Shaheen Shariff, aim to share the work and subject matter across diverse communities within Montreal. To achieve this, there is a robust educational program associated with the exhibition and a catalogue that will be launched on the night of the opening.

From June 6 until June 29, we invite you to attend the following events and activities included in this exhibition: 

  • Performance by Kama La Mackerel: Thursday June 6th at 5-6 PM - more info
  • Vernissage: Thursday June 6th at 6-8 PM
  • Exhibition: June 7th to June 29th - more info
  • Art Hive Workshop: Saturday June 8th at 3:30-5 PM - more info
  • Artists' Talk (with Dayna Danger and Kama La Mackerel): Wednesday June 12th at 6:30 PM
  • Talk: Wednesday June 19th at 4:30 PM


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