Certificat de perfectionnement professionnel en Infonuagique

 Information Session

Séance d’information : Certificats de perfectionnement professionnel en infonuagique et en développement Web de pile complète (full stack) en JavaScript

Nous y ferons un survol des critères d’admissibilité, du processus de demande d’admission, des exigences d’admission, du calendrier des cours, du temps requis pour l’obtention du diplôme ainsi que de l’aide financière possible pour ces programmes.

Date: Le mardi 9 août 2022
Time: De 13 h à 14 h HAE

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Professional Development Certificate in Cloud ComputingCareer Pathways in Cloud Computing: Information Session

This non-credit professional development certificate program is designed to equip professionals with the industry-relevant knowledge and skills required to manage and secure the software lifecycle in cloud-based environments, and to become fully functional Cloud Solution Architects, Cloud, Kubernetes, Site Reliability or DevOps specialists.


Watch the Session (PW: Kns7ithm)


4 Cours requis (26 UEC)
YCIT 017 Cloud Computing Fundamentals (7.5 CEUs)
Value proposition of cloud computing versus traditional computing models; the economics and history of computing in business; terminology associated with modern computing; nuanced differences between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS; containerization versus virtualization; identity, networking, and security best practices.
YCIT 018 Cloud Networking and Security (7.5 CEUs)
Networking concepts and their application to cloud environments; configuration of hybrid and multi-cloud network connectivity; application of fundamental security principles in networking decisions.
YCIT 019 Cloud Architecture (9 CEUs)
The power of containerization and its distinction from virtualization; features of the Linux kernel underpinning containerization; how to set up a Docker environment, build containers, and use an orchestration tool, namely, Kubernetes; additional tools for monitoring, sharing, and deploying applications.
YCIT 020 Advanced Cloud Architecture (9 CEUs)
Advanced cloud-native architecture topics and tools to architect enterprise-scale application deployments. Service meshes, secrets management, routine management, monitoring and troubleshooting of Kubernetes clusters, and tools to manage enterprise-scale production clusters.
1 Cour complémentaires (7 UEC)
YCIT 021 DevOps Practices and Tools (9 CEUs)
Introduction to DevOps culture, its benefits; and a variety of popular DevOps tools. Emphasis on the application of principles that allow teams to develop resilient software while reducing time to market. Establishing guardrails to mitigate risks; continuous development workflows.
YCIT 022 Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) (9 CEUs)
Introduction to the theory of Service Level Objectives and Agreements, a principled way of describing and measuring the desired reliability of a service. Set up and application of these principles in any organization that builds software systems. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) tools, techniques, and best practices.
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