Seneca's Thyestes



The 2015 McGill Classics Play is Seneca's Thyestes, directed and translated into English by Duncan McDonald, with live music composed and performed by David Oppenheim. In Seneca's gory tragedy about the cursed House of Atreus, revenge is a dish best served hot (heads and hands on the side). 

For further information, or to volunteer, please contact lynn.kozak [at] (Prof. Kozak).

Performances will take place at 8pm every night, February 9-12 at La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent, Montreal, Qc, H2T 1R5. You can reserve your tickets here.

The 2015 McGill Classics Play has been generously supported by the Dean of Arts Development Fund and the John MacNoughton Chair in Classics. 


The goals of the annual McGill Classics Play are simple: to give our Classics students a new perspective on material that they usually only experience as written texts in the classroom, to give non-Classics students an opportunity to experience ancient drama, and to provide a space for the exchange of art and ideas around Greek texts in our Montreal community.


The McGill Classics Play is a non-profit venture committed to giving Montreal university students a unique educational experience, while fostering cultural exchanges with our Montreal community around ancient texts. In the future we'd like to offer free shows and free performance and translation workshops open to the community, and to bring in guest speakers for public lectures on Classical drama and performance. Any support you can give in helping us reach these goals is so appreciated. You can donate directly to the McGill Classics Play here, and you will automatically receive a tax receipt for your donation. Thank you for supporting the McGill Classics Play!

The McGill Classics Play is a member of the Quebec Drama Federation, and its community partner, Oimoi Productions, is a member of the Freestanding Room.







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