Lysistrata 2014

How do you stop a war? Stage a sex strike! The 2014 McGill Classics Play is Aristophanes' classic comedy Lysistrata, in an all-new English version, featuring live jazz choruses!

Directed by Negar Banakar. Music by Liam Tucker. Choreograpy by Monica D'Agostini.

Musicians: Jeff Louch (Piano), Mark Wheaton (Drums), Liam Tucker (Bass)

Show Schedule:

Saturday 8th February, 2 pm, Westmount, Victoria Hall (4626 Sherbrooke St West) Free admission, accessible venue.
Opening Stand-up: Alain Merceica and Keith Waterfield 
Sunday, 9th February, 5 pm, Hellenic Community Center Adrian Maris, 5757 Avenue Wilderton. $10 Tickets, accessible venue, all proceeds go to benefit the HCGM Greek schools.
Opening Stand-Up: James Loye
For our shows at the Mainline Theatre (3997 St-Laurent, 514-849-3378) tickets are $12/$8 Students/Seniors/QDF members, and can be purchased here:
Wednesday, 12th February, 8 pm, Mainline Theatre
Opening Sketch Act: Genius Gold
Thursday, 13th February, 8 pm, Mainline Theatre
Opening Stand-Up: Matt Shury
Friday, 14th February, 8 pm, Mainline Theatre
Opening Stand-Up: Nour Hadidi
Saturday, 15th February, 8 pm, Mainline Theatre
Opening Stand-Up: Mike Paterson
(Please note that the Mainline Theatre is not an accessible venue.)

Special Event (free and open to the public):

Friday, 14th February, 3-5 pm, McGill University MAASS 10.

Public Lecture: "New Directions in Ancient Drama: Putting the new research into theatrical practice" by Professor Peter Meineck (NYU, Nottingham, Founder of the Aquila Theatre, NYC)

About the Talk: Research findings of the past few years has seen a seismic shift in what we thought we knew about the theatre of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes. In this illustrated talk, Peter Meineck will describe some of the new knowledge on the production and reception of drama in the fifth century BCE and relate these to some contemporary theatrical projects that have challenged prevailing views about ancient Greek drama, including Aquila Theatre's recent US national project with combat veterans.

The 2014 McGill Classics Play is supported by the McGill Faculty of Arts Dean's Development Fund, the Phrixos B. Papachristidis Chair in Modern Greek and Greek-Canadian Studies, and the John MacNoughton Chair in Classics.

For more information, email Prof. Lynn Kozak (lynn.kozak [at]


The goals of the annual McGill Classics Play are simple: to give our Classics students a new perspective on material that they usually only experience as written texts in the classroom, to give non-Classics students an opportunity to experience ancient drama, and to provide a space for the exchange of art and ideas around Greek texts in our Montreal community.


The McGill Classics Play is a non-profit venture committed to giving Montreal university students a unique educational experience, while fostering cultural exchanges with our Montreal community around ancient texts. In the future we'd like to offer free shows and free performance and translation workshops open to the community, and to bring in guest speakers for public lectures on Classical drama and performance. Any support you can give in helping us reach these goals is so appreciated. You can donate directly to the McGill Classics Play here, and you will automatically receive a tax receipt for your donation. Thank you for supporting the McGill Classics Play!

The McGill Classics Play is a member of the Quebec Drama Federation, and its community partner, Oimoi Productions, is a member of the Freestanding Creative Collective.






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