Stephanie Loeb

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Stephanie Loeb
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Professor Loeb’s research efforts span the intersection of materials science and environmental engineering, with particular focus on the removal of chemical and biological contaminants in water using sunlight, engineered light sources, and light-activated nanomaterials. Her recent research has aimed to characterize how sunlight inactivates challenging viruses in the environment, such as norovirus and the novel coronavirus. She is also interested in the fabrication and design of novel light-activated nanomaterials for sustainable water disinfection, and developing improved methods for detecting and quantifying pathogens in water. 

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Yale University
  • H.B.Sc., M.A.Sc., University of Toronto
Areas of expertise: 
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Photonics
  • Environmental Virology
  • CIVE 430 Water Treatment&Pollut Control 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 660 Chem&Phys Treatment of Waters 4 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

Research areas: 
Environmental Engineering
Selected publications: 

Loeb, S. K.; Jennings, W. C.; Wigginton, K. R.; Boehm, A.B. (2021) Sunlight Inactivation of Human Norovirus and Bacteriophage MS2 using a Genome-Wide PCR-Based Approach and Enzyme Pre-Treatment. Environmental Science and Technology, 55 (13), 8783–8792.

Loeb, S. K.; Wei, H.; Kim, J. H. (2021) Measuring Temperature Heterogeneities during Solar-Photothermal Heating using Quantum Dot Nanothermometry. Analyst, 146, 2048-2056.

Graham, K. E.; Loeb, S. K.; Wolfe, K.; Catoe, D.; Sinnot-Armstrong, N.; Kim, S.; Yamahara, K. M.; Sassoubre, L. M.; Mendoza Grijalva, L. M.; Roldan-Hernandez, L.; Lagenfeld, K.; Wigginton, K. R.; Boehm, A. B. (2021) SARS-CoV-2 RNA in Wastewater Settled Solids Is Associated with COVID-19 Cases in a Large Urban Sewershed. Environmental Science & Technology, 55 (1), 488-498.

Wei, H.; Loeb, S. K.; Halas, N. J.; Kim, J. H. (2020) Plasmon-Enabled Degradation of Organic Micropollutants in Water by Visible-Light Illumination of Janus Gold Nanorods. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (27), 15473-15481.

Loeb, S. K.; Kim, J.; Jiang, C.; Early, S. L.; Wei, H.; Li, Q.; Kim, J. H. (2019) Nanoparticle Enhanced Interfacial Solar Photothermal Water Disinfection Demonstrated in 3-D Printed Flow-Through Reactors. Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (13), 7621-7631.

Chu, C. H.; Ryberg, E. C.; Loeb, S. K.; Suh, M. J.; Kim, J. H. (2019) Water Disinfection in Rural Areas Demands Unconventional Solar Technologies. Accounts of Chemical Research, 52 (5), 1187-1195.

Loeb, S. K.; Alvarez, P. J. J.; Brame, J. A.; Cates, E. L.; Choi, W.; Crittenden, J.; Dionysiou, D. D.; Li, Q.; Li-Puma, G.; Quan, X.; Sedlak, D. L.; Waite, T. D.; Westerhoff, P.; Kim, J. H. (2018) The Technology Horizon for Photocatalytic Water Treatment: A Sunrise or Sunset? Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (6), 2937-2947.

Loeb, S. K.; Li, C. H.; Kim, J. H. (2018) Solar Photothermal Disinfection using Broadband-Light Absorbing Gold Nanoparticles and Carbon black. Environmental Science & Technology, 52 (1), 205-213.

Chen, J.; Loeb, S. K..; Kim, J. H. (2017) LED Revolution: Fundamentals and Prospects for UV Disinfection Applications. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 3 (2), 188-202.

Loeb, S. K.; Hofmann, R.; Kim, J. H. (2016) Beyond the Pipeline: Assessing the Efficiency Limits of Advanced Technologies for Solar Water Disinfection. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 3(3): 73–80.

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