Nuit Blanche - Le futur est [Pr][O][C][He]/The Future is [Ne][Ar]


Eng: What role will chemistry play in our future? Come see live demonstrations with the McGill Chemistry Outreach Group during their presentation The Future is [Ne][Ar]. For time travellers of all...

Professor Theo van de Ven received the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal

Published: 18Feb2019

The John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal is the highest distinction awarded to a Member of PAPTAC (the Pulp And Paper Technical Association of Canada). The Gold Medal is in recognition of long term...

Découvrir La Chimie!


Venez rencontrer le personnel et les étudiants du Département de chimie de l'Université McGill et réalisez des expériences fascinantes! Ateliers en continu.M801 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC,...

Chemistry Liberal Program

The program listed here can have some courses substitutions to the option list and complementary course list by request ahead of time with the advisor.chemistry [at] (subject:...

Scholarships and financial information

The Department ensures that all graduate students receive support to enable them to pursue their studies. Considering McGill University's low tuition rates and Montreal’s low costs of living, this...

Seminars and events

All the past Chemical Society Seminars (Coming Soon)


The Department of Chemistry at McGill University provides a comprehensive teaching and research environment in the chemical sciences.  With 35 faculty and 4 research-active emeritus faculty members...

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