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CCVC/Chemical Society Seminar: Armido Studer - Electron Catalysis

4 Sep 2018 13:00

Radical reactions are routinely considered in synthetic planning, and highly active research continues on new ways to make and use radicals. Because the products of radical-molecule reactions are again radicals, such processes are perfectly suited to be run as sequential reactions (cascades). Likewise, because radicals can be oxidized or reduced, radical-ionic crossover reactions can be implemented. Such cascade reactions serve well the goal of step economy in organic synthesis....

Chemical Society Seminar: Tadhg Begley - Thiamin Biosynthesis and catabolism

11 Sep 2018 13:00

Thiamin is an essential cofactor in all forms of life. While structurally simple, its biosynthesis is remarkably complex and presents a treasure trove of new biological chemistry. In my lecture, I will describe the different routes to the thiamin pyrimidine and thiazole and our initial results on thiamin catabolism and salvage.



Chemical Society Seminar: Song Lin

2 Oct 2018 13:00