Chemical Society Seminar: John Hartwig-Catalytic Functionalization of C-H bonds in Small and Large Molecules with Small and Large Catalysts

30 Apr 2024 13:00

The selective introduction of functional groups at the positions of typically unreactive C-H bonds has been a longstanding challenge in catalysis. To this end, our group has developed practical methods for the catalytic functionalization of C-H bonds with main group reagents.1-4 These studies have led us to a general strategy of installing a single transient functional group to form a range of products from one C-H bond functionalization reaction.

24 Hours of Science at McGill

4 May 2024 09:00

Join Science Outreach, the Chemistry Outreach Group, the Physics Outreach Group, the Trottier Space Institute, Gault Nature Reserve, STEMM Diversity at McGill and Earth and Planetary Sciences for fun science activities for youth and families during 24 hours of science!

Chemical Society Seminar: Carsten Bolm- Mechanochemistry: The use of mills in synthetic organic chemistry

7 May 2024 13:00

IUPAC defines a "mechano-chemical reaction" as a "chemical reaction that is induced by the direct absorption of mechanical energy".1 We are using such activation in synthesis and catalysis, where it has proven beneficial.2 Selected recent examples from our group will be presented here.3




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