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Clean ride mapper: Cycling the less polluted routes

Cyclists in Montreal and Toronto can now choose the least polluted routes to get around their cities thanks to an online tool developed at McGill University. Sometimes a detour of less than 1 km can make for a much less polluted ride. 

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Published on : 15 Apr 2015

‘Blue-green algae’ proliferating in lakes

The organisms commonly known as blue-green algae have proliferated much more rapidly than other algae in lakes across North America and Europe over the past two centuries – and in many cases the rate of increase has sharply accelerated since the mid-20th century, according to an international team of researchers led by scientists at McGill University.

Published on : 26 Feb 2015

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes by 2063

The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem in the world. In spite of increasing efforts to stem the tide of invasion threats, the lakes remain vulnerable, according to scientists from McGill University and colleagues in Canada and the United States. 

Published on : 29 Jan 2015

McGill Prof. Chris Ragan chairs high-profile group on economic and environmental fiscal reform

Montreal Gazette | Jan 25, 2015 BY: Rene Bruemmer The Canadian committee of economists headed by McGill University economics professor Chris Ragan, are looking at ways Canada can follow the lead of other countries and start taxing pollution instead of jobs and profits, without hurting taxpayers or Canadian firms’ ability to compete internationally. Read the full story here

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Published on : 30 Nov 2014

Harvesting water out of thin air

Harnessing humidity to quench thirst in the world’s most arid regions Published on May 13, 2014 | McGill Reporter by: Neale McDevitt and Chris Chipello

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Published on : 22 May 2014

Climate Change: Extinction of Ice-Free Antarctic Polynyas Due to Trapped Ocean Heat (Eric Galbraith)

Researchers from the McGill University and University of Pennsylvania have found evidence to show climate change is the main reason for the disappearance of ice-free regions, known as polynyas. Find story links below

Published on : 01 Apr 2014

Pathogens could be freed from thawing permafrost, scientists warn

French researchers are cautioning that the mining and drilling of northern regions could potentially free dormant pathogens out of the frozen soil. Published on March 4, 2014 | The Globe and Mailby Tu Thanh Ha French researchers who have revived a 30,000-year-old giant virus from a sample of Siberian permafrost are cautioning that the mining and drilling of northern regions could potentially free dormant pathogens out of the frozen soil.

Published on : 19 Mar 2014

Sustainability the key to domestic bliss

Published May 25, 2013, in the DomainWritten by Jacinta Le Plastrier "One of the world's most influential and innovating architects outlines his blueprint for modern living.

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Published on : 27 May 2013

Miranda Wang: Improving the world one project at a time

The McGill ReporterPosted on Friday, May 3, 2013 By Neale McDevitt Talented McGill student wins international acclaim and attention for trail-blazing research. Talented McGill student rolls up sleeves to help save the environment. Talented McGill student uses downtime to help people in need.

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Published on : 21 May 2013