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"Food for Thought" Launches Today!

"Food for Thought" launches at exactly noon today! At 12:00 you can log on and watch the first lecture. The course is totally free but you have to register. We now have over 20,000 students registered in 150 countries. https://www.edx.org/course/mcgillx/mcgillx-chem181x-food-thought-1213

Published on : 22 Jan 2014

Online course offers Food for Thought on ever-changing information

What is it like to teach a class of more than 20,000 students? I don’t know, but I’m about to find out. Colleagues David Harpp and Ariel Fenster and I have been selected to offer McGill’s first “massive open online course,” known in the trade as a MOOC.

Published on : 17 Jan 2014

McGill's "Food for Thought"

The year was 1982. "Food for Thought", a new and innovative course conceived by Drs. David Harpp, Joe Schwarcz & Ariel Fenster. Designed to provoke some thought, separate fact from fiction and of course, digest everything there is to know about food. And now, 17,000 students later, you too can take this course. FOR FREE. That's right. McGill presents its very-first MOOC (massive open online course), & the McGill Office for Science and Society (OSS) is up at bat. Are you ready for some Food for Thought?

Published on : 23 Oct 2013

VIDEO: Debate follow-up with Joe Schwarcz & Andre Saine

Click here to see some follow-up on the second debate on Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?

Published on : 20 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Homeopathy Debate: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?

Dr. Joe Schwracz and Dr. Andre Saine debate, Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?    Part two of a 2-part debate on Naturopathic Medicine.    

Published on : 12 Dec 2012

Trottier Symposium Webcast

Did you miss this year's Trottier Symposium, Food: A Serving of Science? If so, tune in here and catch both evenings events, with speakers Dr. Walter Willett from Harvard's School of Public Health & Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg Tuft's School of Nutrition, and Jane Brody, NY Times' Personal Health Columnist and Harold McGee, world-class expert on food and cooking. Guarantee it will give you something to "chew" on.

Published on : 14 Nov 2012

CFP - "The Indiscernible"

THE INDISCERNIBLE A One-Day Graduate Conference at McGill University - April 28, 2011 – Montreal, QC.

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Published on : 02 Nov 2010

McGill Open House at the AHCS

McGill University's Open House will take place on Sunday, October 24, 2010 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at our downtown campus in Montreal.

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Published on : 18 Oct 2010

Tenure-track position in Art History

Tenure-track position in Art History, specialization in 18th/early 19th-century art and visual culture

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Published on : 26 Aug 2010


ADD/DROP ADVISING SCHEDULE: September 1 to September 14 – FALL 2010.

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Published on : 12 Jul 2010