Montréal Urban Living Challenge

“Concrete, creative, and regenerative projects to improve the lives of Montréalers.”

Défi urbain Montréal. Montréal Urban Living ChallengeThe Urban Living Challenge is an interuniversity student competition, an initiative of a partnership between HEC Montréal, CIRM, and Desjardins Lab’s Cooperathon. It aims to bring together students from different universities and disciplines, and give them the opportunity to collaborate on a project that will improve the quality of life of Montréalers. This project mobilized various actors and partners from the academic, community, municipal, and business sectors around issues related to sustainable development.


Mobility in Montréal was the chosen theme for this competition.

In recent years, the Greater Montréal area has seen a tremendous growth in its economy, and as a result, the city has experienced rapid urbanization, population growth and change in its environment. These changes have also affected transport, increasing commuting times, having a negative impact on health, increasing the probability of road accidents, and overcharging the public transportation system. On a human level, urban existence is becoming more and more stressful and overwhelming for citizens.

Urbanization, population growth, and climate change call for an alternative transport system that enables the efficient mobility of residents, travellers, goods and services.


Developing innovative and repeatable products, services, business models, or collaborations that aim to improve critical components of the Montréal transport system.

Student teams were encouraged to identify the different components of the broad Mobility topic, and re-define their problem statement that focus on specific angles of the urban transport system. Therefore, the suggested solutions and ideas had to focus on the re-defined, simple problem topic. Such ideas proposed by the students should be based on providing a long-term sustainable impact at the different urban community levels.

Learn about the entire competition process, key dates, registration process, and evaluation criteria.

Project design and coordination team

The teams at CIRM and HEC Montréal would like to thank Sébastien Richard of Desjardins Lab for his support and advice.


Institut international des coopératives Alphonse-et-Dorimène-Desjardins HEC Montréal


Coopérathon 2018

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