Comic Arts Conference

Poster for the Shaking the Foundations ConferenceProject description

What can comics teach us about our metropolis and how can the 9th art contribute to the circulation of academic research?

At the end of the seminar Nuits légendaires à Montréal, presented in November 2019 and dealing with 1950s Montréal in the light of the comic book La femme aux cartes postales (La Pastèque, 2016), CIRM and the Montréal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) set themselves the objective of exploring possible affinities between comics and academic research.

Presented from October 28 to 30, 2021, at BAnQ, the Shaking the Foundations International Conference is the first manifestation of this collaboration. It marked MCAF’s 10th anniversary and brought together researchers interested in comics and makers of this medium around paper presentations, field activities, and discussions.

CIRM members involved 

Anna Giaufret, International Member
Role: Scientific Committee Member 

Nik Luka, Associate Director
Role: Scientific Committee Member 

Audray Fontaine, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator
Role: Organizing Committee Member 

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