Building the Montréal Community: Identities in Motion

Project Description

In 2018, CIRM and the Centre d'histoire de Montréal developed a collaborative project around the notions of narratives and identities. In this perspective, CIRM put together a research team with the mandate to identify landmarks and key elements, from multiple sources and varied corpuses, that, over time, have made up the identity of Quebec's metropolis. Satisfied with the initial results of this collaboration, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal — which is currently transforming into the Centre des mémoires montréalaises (MEM) — has invited the research team to continue its work in view of finding the best possible way to synthesize the knowledge accumulated by historians, sociologists, political scientists, and literary scholars. We hope that this synthesis will lead to a publication both for the general public and to original museum programming. It will offer interpretative keys, providing access to the multiple narratives and identities of the Montréal population. The research report is projected to be published by Éditions Cardinal in the Fall of 2021, at the same time as MEM's reopening. 

CIRM Members Involved

Mary Anne Poutanen, Regular Member and 2019–2020 Resident Scholar
Role: Co-Investigator 

Paul-Etienne Rainville, Associate Member and 2019–2020 Resident Scholar
Role: Co-Investigator

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