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Workshop registration: Working with text in R

R is mostly known for its statistical methods on numbers. However, it is also capable of working efficiently with text and analysing it. In this workshop we will take a deep dive into how to work with text in R and introduce you to functions that allow you to even do text mining.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to
    · manipulate strings efficiently
    · import text from multiple sources
    · lay the basis for working with regular expressions (regex)
    · do some text mining with the tidytext package

Prerequisite: basic understanding of R, e.g. through the CDSI workshop "Introduction to data science with R".

Date: Tuesday May 31st, 2022.
Time: 1 PM to 3 PM.
Location: Burnside Hall room BH511, inside the Geographic Information Center.
Instructor: Dr. Tim Elrick, Director of the Geographic Information Centre.

This workshop is offered for free by the Faculty of Science to the McGill community. Due to the limited amount of spots available, if you sign up for a workshop and don't show up, you will not be allowed to attend another workshop this semester.

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