Catholic Studies

  **Currently under review. Program not available for this academic year.**

Catholic Studies Minor:   The Minor Concentration in Catholic Studies seeks to enrich the intellectual experience and academic options available to students, to broaden the course offerings across the disciplines, and to complement the visibility given to other programs such as Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies.  The core and complementary courses of the Minor Concentration in Catholic Studies provide students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Catholicism in an increasingly pluralistic world. Catholic institutions and movements impact a wide range of sectors including politics, human rights, development, health-care, and education. The program offers systematic and critical exploration of the diverse ways in which the Catholic tradition informs culture and identity.  


Why do a Catholic Studies Minor?  

  • Catholicism has had a profound impact on the history and cultures of Europe, the Mediterranean world, and the Americas.  The modern era has also seen its growth in Africa and Asia.   The Catholic Studies program provides insight into the religion of about a billion people and the societies they represent. It also engages questions of meaning that, in one way or another, historical and contemporary cultures struggle with.  Catholic Studies courses intersect with a range of major disciplines including ethics, theology, political science, history, education, sociology, art, music, and law, for example, making the minor an attractive addition to what you are already doing or planning to do.
  • A Catholic Studies minor can prove valuable as a vocational qualification for those who will be working in fields of the education, law, bioethics, or public policy where religious literacy is a significant asset.  It is also valuable for those who will be working with or within Catholics institutions, whether in charities, NGOs, development organizations, Catholic educational and health care institutions, or in some other capacity.  A leading financial weekly has noted that USA Catholic institutions constitute the second largest non-governmental employer, with approximately 1 million employees. 

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