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Expertise Areas

Corporate Law and Governance

  • Darren Rosenblum: business associations, corporate governance, inclusion and diversity.
    • Courses: (1) Business Associations; (2) Specialized Topics in Law 7: Corporate Governance.
  • Peer Zumbansen: business associations, corporate governance, transnational law, legal theory, artificial intelligence.
    • Courses: (1) Business Associations; (2) Specialized Topics in Law 6: Transnational Law; (3) Regulating Artificial Intelligence; (4) Law and Political Economy in the 21st Century.

Tax Law

  • Allison Christians: domestic tax law, international tax law, tax policy, socio-economic rights, sustainable development, technology.
    • Courses: (1) Taxation; (2) Tax Policy.
  • Robert Raizenne [Adjunct]: mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, corporate finance, international tax.
    • Course: International Taxation.

Securities Law

  • Catherine Walsh: secured transactions, private international law, international business law.
    • Course: Private International Law.
  • Marc Barbeau [Adjunct]: corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity.
    • Course: Corporate Finance.

Bankruptcy Law

  • Kenneth Atlas [Adjunct]: banking, secured and unsecured debt financing, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency, project finance, venture capital.
    • Courses: N/A

Commercial Law and Arbitration

  • Andrea Bjorklund: international arbitration, international commercial law, international treaties.
    • Courses: (1) Law and Practice of International Trade; (2) Specialized Topics in Law 12: Arbitration and the Courts.
  • Fabien Gélinas: international arbitration, international commercial contracts, cyberjustice.
    • Courses: (1) Contractual Obligations; (2) Resolution of International Disputes.
  • Armand de Mestral: regional economic integration, international trade law, international environmental law, international humanitarian law.
    • Courses: Specialized Topics in Law 15: Regional Trade Agreements.
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse: intellectual property, commercial law, property law, civil evidence.
    • Courses: N/A
  • Geneviève Saumier: private international law, international commercial law, consumer law.
    • Courses: (1) Private international law; (2) Judicial Institutions and Civil Procedure.
  • Louise Otis [Adjunct]: civil and commercial mediation, international and domestic arbitration.
    • Course: Focus Week Workshop 1: The Law of International Organizations.
  • James Woods [Adjunct]: commercial litigation, commercial arbitration.
    • Course: N/A

Banking Law

  • Marc Lemieux [Adjunct]: banking law, corporate finance, international trade, white-collar crimes.
    • Course: Banking Law.

Labour Law and Employment Law

  • Adelle Blackett: labour law, trade regulation, legal history, critical race theory.
    • Course: Labour law.

Technology and Law, including Artificial Intelligence

  • Ignacio Cofone: business associations, privacy law, artificial intelligence, discrimination.
    • Courses: (1) Privacy Law; (2) Advanced Civil Law Obligations; (3) Regulating Artificial Intelligence
  • Richard Gold: intellectual property, biotechnology, commercial law, international trade law.
    • Courses: (1) Intellectual and Industrial Property; (2) Law Innovation; (3) Advanced Common Law Obligations.
  • Sunny Handa [Adjunct]: communication law, cybersecurity, technology.
    • Courses: N/A
  • Peer Zumbansen: “business associations, corporate governance, transnational law, legal theory, law and technology, artificial intelligence and regulation”
    • Course: Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Climate Change and Law

  • Yaëll Emerich: property law, secured transactions, environmental law, legal theory.
    • Courses: (1) Property; (2) Secured Transactions.
  • Richard Janda: administrative law, environmental law, economic regulation, business associations, competition law.
    • Courses: (1) Specialized Topics in Law 20: Panarchy; (2) Administrative Process.

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