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On 1 November 2021, McGill's Faculty of Law launched the McGill Business Law Meter, a blog for timely commentary and discussion of current developments in Canadian and transnational business law. Under the editorial leadership of the inaugural holder of the Professorship of Business Law, Peer Zumbansen, McGill Law students engage with hot button issues in corporate and securities, labour and commercial law, investment law, international economic law and private international law. The Meter welcomes feedback and commentary as well as submissions from guest writers. Guest submissions and inquiries should be sent to: peer.zumbansen [at]

The latest in the Business Law Meter

7 Dec 2021

An important development in the transformation of the global banking and financial services market is the emergence of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

7 Dec 2021

The Canadian wine industry will be subject to myriad changes in the coming years. There are two major factors driving this change.

17 Nov 2021
Graduate Research Trainee Aliénor Burghartz traces recent developments in private digital currencies and argues that it is vital to develop a comprehensive regulatory framework for stablecoins in view of the broader goal of modernizing payment systems and improving financial inclusion.
1 Nov 2021
By looking at four key cases, BCL/LLB student Sharayer Rajabi argues that there is a growing sensibility of domestic courts towards the fact that multinational corporations’ private governing systems largely exist outside of the states’ regulatory capabilities.
1 Nov 2021
BCL/JD student Patrick Keeler discusses how online escort directories – have great potential to improve the working conditions of sex workers and to generate profits, and how a new constitutional challenge to Canada’s sex work laws, launched in March 2021, may enable Canadian-based escort agencies to operate legally in Canada for the first time.
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