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On 1 November 2021, McGill's Faculty of Law launched the McGill Business Law Meter, a blog for timely commentary and discussion of current developments in Canadian and transnational business law. Under the editorial leadership of the inaugural holder of the Professorship of Business Law, Peer Zumbansen, McGill Law students engage with hot button issues in corporate and securities, labour and commercial law, investment law, international economic law and private international law. The Meter welcomes feedback and commentary as well as submissions from guest writers. Guest submissions and inquiries should be sent to: peer.zumbansen [at]

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5 Feb 2024
What is greenwashing and why it matters
29 Jan 2024

Nearly eleven years ago now, the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh killed over 1,100 workers and injured two thousand more. The tragedy sparked a global conversation on workers’ protection in the Global South.

30 Aug 2023

This summer has proven how destructive climate change can be.


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