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On 1 November 2021, McGill's Faculty of Law launched the McGill Business Law Meter, a blog for timely commentary and discussion of current developments in Canadian and transnational business law. Under the editorial leadership of the inaugural holder of the Professorship of Business Law, Peer Zumbansen, McGill Law students engage with hot button issues in corporate and securities, labour and commercial law, investment law, international economic law and private international law. The Meter welcomes feedback and commentary as well as submissions from guest writers. Guest submissions and inquiries should be sent to: peer.zumbansen [at]

The latest in the Business Law Meter

21 Jul 2023
Albeit at different paces, multiple jurisdictions across the world are moving from voluntary to mandatory disclosures about sustainability and climate risks. This post maps out this movement in the EU, the US, and Canada, and looks into other legal avenues to achieve corporate ESG engagement.
21 Jul 2023
Amidst record heat waves and forest fires throughout Western Europe, the European Commission has updated its Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). SFDR aims to crack down on greenwashing in financial markets and influence sustainable investment decisions—but is it following through on its goals, or just becoming a disguise for business as usual?
18 Jul 2023
The city of Amsterdam is a pioneer in sustainable economic transition, attempting as first city worldwide to implement a circular economy until 2050. This initiative must be applauded, while the difficult implementation illustrates the challenges that excellent ideas face when they are confronted with reality.
18 Jul 2023
The case of Lliuya v RWE is the first climate compensatory claim worldwide that has reached the stage of hearing evidence. Are such horizontal climate lawsuits an effective tool to hold European corporations accountable for their historical contributions to global warming? And what are the main legal hurdles for horizontal climate lawsuits when brought before courts in the EU? Finally, is there a risk of too much judicial activism associated with the growing number of such lawsuits?
17 Jul 2023
On May 30th, 2023, Anne Campbell, a second-year student at McGill Faculty of Law, had the chance to sit down with Marc Barbeau to discuss the importance of business law and sustainability. Barbeau is an Adjunct Professor in Corporate Finance at McGill Law, and he is currently Air Canada’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Prior to his tenure at Air Canada, Barbeau was Chair of Stikeman Elliott LLP.
14 Jun 2023
From 28 May through 1 June, McGill’s Faculty of Law, in collaboration with the Desautels Faculty of Management and the Sustainable Growth Initiative (SGI), hosted 35 Student-Fellows from eleven countries for the inaugural Transformative Business Law Summer Academy.


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