Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our MRI core facility has strong capacity in human and non-human primate MRI and high-resolution small-animal MRI

Large-bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The BIC houses two research dedicated large-bore MRI scanners: a 3T Siemens Prisma and a 7T system (2019). Both systems are fully equipped for brain and spine research imaging and spectroscopy studies. We also have the capacity to train and image fully-awake non-human primates. Basic physiological monitoring and comprehensive visual and auditory stimulus delivery systems are available to all researchers. Our team has experience conducting a wide range of studies for all researchers (from MRI-novice to experts), including young participants and experiments requiring full anesthesia.

Assistance from highly-qualified personnel 

Researchers conducting MRI scans at the BIC are supported by an experienced team of three clinically certified MRI technologists. The team provides support in configuring stimulus presentation and subject monitoring equipment, in parallel with subject placement in the scanner and its operation. If needed they can also perform injections of contrast agent, blood draws, or carry out other clinical tests related to the imaging protocol (blood pressure, other). Our techs are also experienced in performing MRI of children, patients with reduced mobility, and individuals under sedation or general anesthesia. In addition, they have extensive expertise in carrying out complex animal imaging protocols with full disinfection of the MRI suite afterward.  For industry sponsored clinical trials, the technologists can manage all documentation related to the study protocol and imaging sessions.

For further information, please contact rick.hoge [at] (subject: RE%3A%20MRI%20study%20at%20the%20BIC) (the MRI Core Director).

Small-animal MRI

We offer access and expertise to run small-animal MRI on a dedicated 7-T Bruker Pharmascan scanner. The unit provides high-resolution structural, functional, and molecular MR images. For more information about the small-animal imaging facility, contact the rick.hoge [at] (subject: Small-animal%20imaging%20at%20the%20BIC) (core Director).

Co-Director, MRI Core

Christine Tardif and David Rudko

MRI Technologists

David Costa

Ron Lopez

Louise Marcotte

Biomedical Engineer

Ronald Mio

Core Research Assistants

Mike Ferreira (fMRI set-ups and analysis)

Ilana Leppert (DWI, dynamic-contrast-enhanced MRI, ASL)




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