BIC Scientific Retreat

On December 10, 2018, the McConnell Brain Imaging Center (BIC) held its inaugural scientific retreat, bringing together the Centre’s faculty, staff and students for a day filled with lively discussion, poster competition and a wonderfully engaging keynote speaker, Dr. Derek Jones, Director of the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Center in Wales, UK, who is a world expert in the development of methods for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging.

In addition, the event included great talks from five talented trainees and several BIC faculty members who presented their most recent and cutting edge work related to the acquisition and analysis techniques of multimodal neuroimaging data, as well as their application to both healthy and diseased states. It also comprised a panel discussion, which allowed BIC members to raise questions about the present and future in neuroimaging and neuroinformatics at the BIC. Finally, the retreat provided an opportunity to the Director, Julien Doyon, to share the Centre’s accomplishments and future goals, the latter being followed by the BIC annual Holiday party during which a good time was had by all!

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