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An asset for the industry and research

Our trainees have gone on to the very best institutions around the word - >72 former BIC trainees are faculty members at e.g., Harvard, Stanford, Yale, NIH, Max Planck, Oxford, CNRS - and many have returned to Canada to set up new labs across the country e.g., for Canada only, Arbel (McGill), Descoteaux (U Sherbrooke), Duschesne (U Laval), Lerch (U of Toronto), Monchi (U of Montreal), Owen (U Western Ontario), Paus (Rotman, Baycrest), Rosa-Neto (Douglas), Strother (U of Toronto).

BIC faculty members and trainees have also been successful with creating spin-off companies: NeuroRx (Arnold), Biospectve (Bedell, Evans), Intelerad (a medical image archiving company with 100s of employees and sales offices across Canada, the US and Australia; Henry), True-Positive Medical Devices (Collins, Duschesne) and Rogue Research Inc. (Comeau). Overall these companies currently employ >350 HQP, most were trained at the BIC.

We train our HQPs as multi-disciplinary scientists and experts that straddle and move freely between conventonal academic disciplines. They are intellectually flexible and become creative thinkers in high demand in both academia and industry. Our PET/Cyclotron Unit in particular provides a vital training environment in an area of specialization that few sites in Canada can offer.

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