Yu (Brandon) Xia

Academic title(s): 

Department of Bioengineering

Graduate Program Director 
Biological and Biomedical Engineering 

Associate Member
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Yu (Brandon) Xia
Contact Information

McConnell Engineering Building, Rm 360
3480 University St
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E9


Email address: 
brandon.xia [at] mcgill.ca
Areas of expertise: 

Our research is focused on computational biology, structural biology, and systems biology. We aim to construct genome-scale models of complex biomolecular systems such as proteins and protein networks with high spatial and temporal resolutions. By further analyzing these high-resolution models, we aim to elucidate the relationship between sequence, structure, function, and evolution of biomolecular systems, to probe design principles of biological molecules and networks, and to investigate systems biology mechanisms of disease. To achieve these aims, we develop and use diverse computational methods ranging from theory and simulation to modeling and informatics.

Research areas: 
Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
System Biology
Computational Modeling
Structural Biology
Biomolecular Engineering
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