John Kildea

Academic title(s): 

Medical Physicist
McGill University Health Centre

Assistant Professor
Department of Oncology

Associate member
Medical Physics Unit
Department of Physics


John Kildea
Contact Information

Medical Physics Unit
Cedars Cancer Centre, DS1.7141 
1001 boul Décarie
Montréal, Québec  H4A 3J1

Email address: 
john.kildea [at]
Areas of expertise: 

I am a clinical medical physicist at the Cedars Cancer Centre of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Quebec. In addition to my clinical duties, I lead two active medical physics research programs with collaborators in McGill's School of Computer Science, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and in industry (Detec Inc). I also teach the Health Physics for Medical Physicists class in McGill's CAMPEP-accredited Medical Physics M.Sc program. 

My clinical medical physics duties include radiotherapy treatment support, treatment plan quality control, brachytherapy treatment planning and quality assurance of radiotherapy equipment. I also lead the risk management committee in radiation oncology at the MUHC, perform certain radiation safety duties as part of the Medical Physics radiation safety committee and lead various software (particularly database-related) projects for the Cedars Cancer Centre. 

Research areas: 
Signals and Systems
Biomedical Sensors
Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Diagnosis and Treatment Systems
Treatment Planning
Quality Assurance
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