Amine Kamen

Academic title(s): 

Department of Bioengineering

Associate Member
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Canada Research Chair
Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines 

National Research Council of Canada Emeritus 

Amine Kamen
Contact Information

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 387
815 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C3

Email address: 
amine.kamen [at]
Areas of expertise: 

Vaccines are one of the most effective ways to reduce illness and death caused by infectious diseases. We often associate vaccines with childhood, but new vaccination strategies have the potential to protect adults from cancer and chronic diseases. This is thanks to emerging technology that helps turn recombinant viruses (formed by recombining genetic material) into antigens and immunotherapeutics. An antigen is any substance that causes the immune system to produce antibodies; immunotherapy treats disease by inducing an immune response. Research in these areas is expanding rapidly.

We focus on solving key scientific and engineering questions at different scales: molecular, cellular, and bioreactor; with a multi-dimensional bioengineering approach to achieve the development and implementation of fully integrated processes for viral vector productions. Given their growing importance, we are mainly interested in in viral vectors such as retrovirus, Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV), and lentiviruses as well as enveloped and non-enveloped viral-like particles for targeted clinical applications.

Research areas: 
Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering
Viral vector technology
Vaccine Development
Mammalian Cell Technology
Insect Cell Technology
Advanced Process Analytical Technologies
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