2016 ARIA recipients

In 2016, 37 students from 17 departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA).


"Whaling and Commercial Change: Culture, Capitalism, and the Industrial Revolution"

Nathaniel Lamont, Anthropology and Sociology

Professor Gretchen Bakke, Anthropology

PDF icon Nathaniel Lamont poster

"Pastoralist Womens Rights"

Carla Massaro, Political Science

Professor John Galaty, Anthropology

PDF icon Carla Massaro poster

"State and Local Development"

Meghan van Aardt, International Development Studies

Professor John Galaty, Anthropology

PDF icon Meghan van Aardt poster

"Archeological and Historical Perspectives of the Kitan/Liao Period"

Janice Ngiam, Sociology and Psychology

Professor Gwen Bennett, Anthropology and East Asian Studies

PDF icon Janice Ngiam poster

Art History & Communication Studies

"Dangerous Geographies, Alternatives Cartographies"

Benjamin Demers, English

Professor Jenny Burman, Art History & Communication Studies

PDF icon Benjamin Demers poster


"Effect of Minimum Wages on Early Life Health in Indonesia"

Marwa Wazzi, Economics

Professor Erin Strumpf, Economics and Epidemiology, Biostatics and Occupational Health

PDF icon Marwa Wazzi poster


"A Dynamic Assessment of Early Intervention Models in Children with Developmental Delays"

Agathe de Broucker, English

Professor Ingrid Sladeczek, Education


"Queer and Multicultural Theatre in English in Montreal"

Shanti Gonzales, English

Professor Erin Hurley, English

PDF icon Shanti Gonzales poster

"The Art of Commoning: New Directions in Arts Research"

Joshua Marquis, English

Professor Alanna Thain, English

PDF icon Joshua Marquis poster

"Critics of Culture"

Suvij Sudershan, English

Professor Miranda B. Hickman


"Hyperspectral Imagery and Wavelet Analysis for Sub-Pixel Target Detection"

Lillian Fradin, Geography

Professor Margaret Kalacska, Geography

PDF icon Lilian Fradin poster


"Sex in the City: Gender Relations between the Allied Armies of the Orient and Civilians in the City of Selonian 1916-1918"

Hortense Chauvin, History

Professor Anastassios Anastassiadis, History

PDF icon Hortense Chauvin poster

"The Influence of Didactic Poetry in the Italian Renaissance"

David Douglas, Classical Studies

Professor Charles Gladhill, History

PDF icon David Douglas poster

"Sites of Sanctuary"

Macha Jauvert, History and Political Science

Professor Laura Madokoro, History

PDF icon Macha Jauvert poster

"Paleography and Transcription of Early Christian Counterfeit Trials"

Alexis Lemonde Vachon, Classical Studies and History

Professor Catherine Desbarats, History

PDF icon Alexis Lemonde Vachon poster

"Alternative Development Initiatives in the Ngobe-Bugle Comarca"

Avital Li, Sustainability

Professor Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert, History

PDF icon Avital Li poster

"Opening Up the Northwest: Reimagining the Modern Chinese Frontier"

Kelly Liu, History

Professor Jeremy Tai, History

PDF icon Kelly Liu poster

Jewish Studies

"Book on Rokh L Kork - Yiddish Woman Poet"

Helena Goodman, Jewish Studies

Professor Esther Frank, Jewish Studies

PDF icon Helenda Goodman poster

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

"Narative Frameworks"

Eva Portelance, Linguistics

Professor Andrew Piper, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

PDF icon Eva Portelance poster


"Free State/Construct State Alternation in Kabyle"

Lydia Felice, Linguistics

Professor Jessica Coon, Linguistics

PDF icon Lydia Felice poster

"Web-Tools for Linguistic Research"

Theodore Morley, Computer Science

Professor Morgan Sonderegger, Linguistics

PDF icon Theodore Morley poster

"Linguistic Enrichment of Speech Corpus Tools"

Elias Stengel-Eskin, Cognitive Science

Professor Morgan Sonderegger, Linguistics

PDF icon Elias Stengel-Eskin poster


"Social Connectedness and Discrimination Online and Offline as Factors Modulating the Risk of Urban Living for Psychosis-Like Symptoms in Healthy Adults"

Nancy Ferranti, Philosophy

Professor Ian Gold, Philosophy

PDF icon Nancy Ferranti poster

Political Science

"From the Fable of the Bees to the Invisible Hand"

Kelsey Brady, Philosophy and Political Science

Professor Jacob Levy, Political Science

PDF icon Kelsey Brady poster

"The Reciprocal Impact of Canada's Institutions on Federal Society"

Theophile Deslauriers, Political Science

Professor Richard Schultz, Political Science

PDF icon Theophile Deslauriers poster

"Lobbying Activist and Trade Agreements"

George Ghabrial, Political Science

Professor Leonardo Baccini, Political Science

PDF icon George Ghabrial

"Health, the Body and Political Engagement"

Nina Jaffe-Geffner, Political Science

Professor Elisabeth Gidengil, Political Science

PDF icon Nina Jaffe-Geffner poster

"Sortita, Democracy, and the Czuzdam Senate"

Gabrielle Jeliazkov, Political Science and International Development Studies

Professor Arash Abizadeh, Political Science

PDF icon Gabrielle Jeliazkov poster

"Social Ontology, Pluralism, and Church Organization"

Adam Strychaluk, Political Science

Professor Victor Muniz-Fraticelli, Political Science and Law

PDF icon Adam Strychaluk poster


"Relationship Maintenance Project"

Anne Baptiste, Psychology

Professor John Lydon, Psychology

PDF icon Anne Baptiste poster

"Building Bridges: The Fundamental Need for Collective Autonomy During Mass Immigration"

Alana Cohen, Psychology

Professor Donald Taylor, Psychology

PDF icon Alana Cohen poster

"The Role of Context in Human Attention"

Yun Lu, Psychology

Professor Jelena Ristic, Psychology

PDF icon Yun Lu poster

"The Role of the Hippocampal Input to the Nucleus Accumbens in Promoting Food Seeking and Consumption"

Dasha Sandra, Psychology

Professor Jonathan Britt, Psychology

School of Information Studies

"5D Map"

Trevor Braun, History

Professor Benjamin Fung, School of Information Studies

PDF icon Trevor Braun poster


"Balancing Work and Child Care in the Slums of Nairobi"

Audrey Carleton, Sociology and Environment

Professor Shelley Clark, Sociology

PDF icon Audrey Carleton poster

"Land Use and Women's Work in Nepal"

Emeline Janigan, Environment and Sociology

Professor Sarah Brauner-Otto, Sociology

"Sentencing Criminal Offenders in Canadian Courts: Do Individual Characteristics Predict DUI Sentencing Outcomes?"

Maria Rizzuto, Sociology

Professor Jason Carmichael, Sociology

PDF icon Maria Rizutto poster

Visual Arts Collection

Isabella Mello, Arts History

Gwendolyn Owens, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Isabella Mello poster

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