2020 Award Recipients

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office is pleased to announce 119 students received over $400,000 as recipients of the 2020 Faculty of Arts Internship Awards. Congratulations to all the recipients and many thanks to all of our generous donors!

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Nathan Devereaux, U1, Political Science

Nathan majors in Political Science and he will be interning with the South Rift Association of Landowners (SORALO). SORALO works to ensure the integrity of the South Rift Valley for the benefit of its people and wildlife. Nathan is excited to have the opportunity to contribute to SORALO and to expand his knowledge on conservation, sustainability, and local governance.

Nathan Devereaux Headshot

Abdel Dicko, U3, Joint Honours Political Science and African Studies

Abdel will be interning this summer with the Montreal branch office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UNHCR is the world’s leading organization aiding and protecting people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution, by providing life-saving assistance. Having interned in Ghana in the field of human rights last summer, and returning from his winter exchange semester in Geneva, Abdel is beyond excited to begin this new formative step towards his pursuit of a career in the field of international human rights law and diplomacy.


Abdel Dicko Headshot

Anna Wiedmann, U3, Sociology

This summer, Anna is interning with the newly-founded NGO WartimeCovid. As policy Advocacy Associate for the organization, Anna is taking on their mission to fight for universal access to essential PPE to ensure a safe reopening of our communities. Her role includes drafting policy proposals, communicating with key policy-makers and organizations, as well as advocating for the universal use of face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Anna Wiedmann Headshot

The Andre King Wi Tan Externship Award

Brittany Ng, U2, International Development Studies

Brittany will be a marketing and finance intern in Toronto with the Canadian Chinese Education Publishers. She is pursuing her degree in International Development, with a minor in Management. Growing up in different parts of the world allowed Brittany to learn, experience, and appreciate various cultures. She is an advocate of social causes including environmental and cultural issues – passionate about Canada’s edge in diversity and maintaining the cultural identity of its population across generations.

Brittany Ng Headshot

Emily Chen, U2, Honours Urban Systems Geography and Cognitive Science

Emily will be interning remotely this summer as a technical project assistant with Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) Asia Pacific in Taiwan. Her interests lie at the intersection of socially impactful technology and sustainable urban infrastructure, which align well with EnBW’s focus on offshore wind, solar energy, and hydropower. She looks forward to better understanding the relationship between technology, regulations, and economy while collaborating with a dynamic and interdisciplinary team on an offshore wind farm project.

Emily Chen Headshot

Andrew Buntain Arts Internship Award

Lucy Wilkie, U2, Environment and Development

Lucy is pursuing a B.A. in Environment and Development with a minor in Indigenous Studies. She will be interning with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Nova Scotia chapter (CPAWS-NS), supporting terrestrial and marine conservation campaigns in her beloved home province. As an environmentalist with a passion for community engagement and education, Lucy is excited to gain experience working with an NGO to create and manage protected wilderness areas.

Lucy Wilkie Headshot

The Archie Malloch Undergraduate Internship in Public Learning

Marie Saadeh, U3 International Development Studies

Marie will intern as the curatorial and research coordinator at Atelier Céladon, an art organization that supports underrepresented artists in the mainstream media and centers around marginalized narratives in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). She looks forward to contributing to the city’s artistic community and learning about the histories and cultures that exist within it while working on the organization’s Bain Saint-Michel project.

Marie Saadeh Headshot

Sophie Brzozowski, U3, Cultural Studies

Sophie is in her fourth year at McGill majoring in Cultural Studies with minors in Communications and Anthropology. This summer, Sophie will be working at Suoni Per Il Popolo, a Montreal-based festival hosted by the Société des Arts Libres et Actuels (SALA). Having reported on Montreal’s arts and culture scene for The McGill Tribune for the past four years, Sophie has developed a passion for community-based, accessible arts programming. Upon completing her internship, Sophie hopes to have furthered her learning on the intersection among community development, political movements, and the arts.

Sophie Brzozowski Headshot

The Armando and Ann Manfredi Arts Internship Award

Maeve Williams, U3, Honors International Development Studies

Maeve will be interning with RefuSHE, a Nairobi-based nonprofit devoted to protecting, nurturing & empowering refugee girls and their children. As a development intern at RefuSHE, Maeve looks forward to continuing her exploration of gender-based in development in East Africa, having completed McGill’s Africa Field Study Semester (AFSS) in Winter of 2020. She is particularly excited to help organize RefuSHE’s first-ever virtual Fashion Challenge in June of 2020.

Maeve Williams Headshot

The Arts Student Employment Fund

Lia Holla Rozenbloom, U1, Political Science and Physics

Lia will be interning with the NGO Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) and Disarmament, Canada’s largest and oldest feminist peace foreign policy lobby group. VOW is non-partisan, non-profit membership-based NGO with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Through this internship she is excited to learn about the role of civil society and feminist NGOs in shaping policy.

Lia Holla Rozenbloom Headshot

Athina Khalid, U3, History and Cultural Studies

Athina is a third-year student, studying History and Cultural Studies. She will be working as the Community News Intern at the campus-community radio station CKUT this summer. Athina will be working with the Community News Coordinator and the Community News Collective to produce content for Off the Hour, CKUT’s daily news show. Additionally, she will be working with the Groundwire News.

Athina Khalid Headshot

Aandriana Jacob, U2, Political Science and Theatre

Aandrianna is a third-year student pursuing a double major in Political Science and Theatre. She will be interning at the Climate Reality Project Canada to develop materials to spread awareness of the urgency of the climate crisis to Canadians in order to catalyse a global solution to this issue. Aandrianna hopes to pursue a career in Human Rights in the future and is excited to engage with the climate crisis as a Human Rights issue.

Aandriana Jacob Headshot

Jacob Tarasofsky, U2, Environment and Development

Jacob will intern at Inerjys Ventures in Montreal, a green-tech investment fund that supports the acceleration of technological solutions to sustainability challenges by providing their portfolio companies with funding and mentorship. His responsibilities will include analyzing potential companies to invest in, writing business models for existing portfolio companies, and pitching to investors. This internship will lay the foundation for future success in sustainability-focused social entrepreneurship.

Jacob Tarasofsky Headshot

Raphaelle Salko, U2, Urban Studies, Environment and Social Entrepreneurship

Raphaelle is in her second year pursuing a major in Urban Studies and a double minor in Environment and Social Entrepreneurship. She will be interning at Miel Montreal, a Montreal NGO promoting biodiversity through urban beekeeping. Over the past few years, Raphaelle has developed a very strong interest in everything that pertains to the environment and she wants to work for an organization that will truly have a sustainable impact. This internship will allow her to understand the challenges that NGOs face during the current COVID-19 crisis by dealing with strategic planning issues.

Raphaelle Salko Headshot

Eliza Yadav, U3, International Development Studies

Eliza will serve as a Growth Marketing and Project Management Intern for Remix Snacks, a McGill alumni-led start-up in Montreal. She will analyze the firm’s target markets and strategize plans to reach them, increase brand awareness through social media, and formulate a new product recipe to be added to the Remix Snacks product line. At McGill, she enjoys her interdisciplinary studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health.

Eliza Yadav Headshot

Lucy Mackinnon, U3, Honours International Development Studies

Lucy will be interning at Planned Montréal, a high growth start-up providing software for corporate event-planning. Her responsibilities in this internship will be targeted towards data-driven strategy to grow their partnerships throughout new International markets and to conduct market research. Lucy is eager to gain insight into the corporate industry to supplement her experience in the non-profit sector. 

Lucy Mackinnon Headshot

Natalie Olivares, U3, Gender Studies and Art History

Natalie is entering her fifth and final year in Gender Studies and Art History. She is ecstatic about working with Mediaqueer this summer, a Montreal-based queer media database. She looks forward to exploring both Art History and 2LGBTQIAP+ history on their upcoming 5th year anniversary project. Natalie looks forward to gaining knowledge on queer Canadian archival work and discovering local artists and exhibition spaces.

Natalie Olivares Headshot

Darshan Daryanani, U3, Joint Honors Political Science and International Development Studies

At the Institute for Human Development and Well-being, Darshan Daryanani will address the political and socio-economic implications that physical distancing and social isolation have on vulnerable girls and women experiencing sexual and gender-based violence. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action for education, Darshan will also organize virtual symposiums to document and learn from the innovative and emergent work on pedagogies of reconciliation happening in Canada.

Darshan Daryanani Headshot

Nathan Collett, U2, Honours Cognitive Science

This summer, Nathan will work at the Decision Lab, which is a non-profit behavioral science consulting and research organization. He will get the chance to apply the theory and practice of decision science in public policy, education, environmental protection and product development. Nathan has sought out this kind of experience since day 1 at McGill. If all goes well, this experience will spark an Honours research project focused on behavioral science and democracy.

Nathan Collett Headshot

Marie-Nicole Discepola, U3, Art History and Psychology

Marie-Nicole will be interning at the Women’s Art Association of Canada, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting Canadian artists. She is looking forward to learning how museum professionals collaborate to support the daily operations of a charitable art organisation. She will help promote the association, its events and its member-artists by communicating with the media, writing press releases and creating promotional materials.

Marie-Nicole Discepola Headshot

Sajneet Mangat, U2, Honours History and Political Science

She will be interning at the Polis Project, a hybrid research and journalism organization producing crucial knowledge on global conflict and crisis. She hopes that contributing to the Political Violence and Justice dataset will be a transformative opportunity to further her academic interrogations of gender, caste and religiously based violence in South Asia, and contribute meaningfully to essential subaltern data production.

Sajneet Mangat Headshot

Beatrice Mora, U3, Honors in Political Science and Economics major

Beatrice will be interning with Social Justice Connection in Montreal. Her passion for free and accessible education and its policy implications, perfectly aligns with SJC’s aim of supporting the ideals of fairness, cooperation, and the vision of a sustainable community at a local and global level. Learning how to best catalyze community empowerment will serve her future aspiration to elaborate new and efficient policies in the domain of public education.

Beatrice Mora Headshot

Alena Russell, U2, Art History and International Development Studies

Alena will be interning at Wallcandy in Montreal, a gallery focusing on pop art, street art, and mixed media art. Wallcandy works with numerous artists to showcase a range of modern arts that push the boundaries. She will aid in research, marketing, and content creation, as well as collaboration with various artists. Alena hopes to gain valuable experience in the production of art and the functioning of a gallery, while helping to give smaller artists a chance to show their work.

Alena Russell Headshot

Faiz Ur Rehman, U3, Economics and Mathematics

Faiz will be interning at Aquantix, a technology start-up based in Montreal. Aquantix leverages AI, satellite & geographical data to forecast climate change, water and other financial risks that allow investors to make more responsible decisions. Faiz will be working as an operation management intern, where he will be responsible for developing the sales funnel and creating strategic partnerships to encourage climate-risk analysis. This internship will offer him an opportunity to learn about risk management & analysis.

Faiz Ur Rehman Headshot

Gabriel Atkin, U3, Jewish Studies

Gabriel is in the last year of his B.A degree in Jewish Studies, and has worked for three years as an assistant to Professor Esther Frank in the writing of her book on the life and work of Yiddish interwar poet Rokhl. Gabriel has also worked at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal, Canada. He is extremely excited to work at the Museum of Jewish Galicia this summer remotely.


Louisa Sollohub, U2, Art History and Psychology

Louisa will be interning as content-editor and engagement coordinator at Montreal's Eastern Bloc, a New Media Exhibition & Production Centre. She hopes that the internship will teach her of the many strategies one could use to encourage public support and engagement with the arts.

Louisa Sollohub Headshot

Taylor Douglas, U1, Political Science

Taylor Douglas is going into her third year at McGill, pursuing her proposed ad-hoc program in migration studies. This summer, she will be interning with FW Canada, an immigration law firm that helps those with criminal history clear their records with the Canadian government. She is very excited to be able to help those looking to move to Canada, as well as learn more about the intersection of immigration and criminal law.

Taylor Douglas Headshot

Deana Korsunsky, U3, English

Deana will be interning remotely at Muddhouse Media, a podcast network with representatives in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Muddhouse Media’s podcasts include shows about cooking, science, comedy, sports, crime, and more. In addition to assisting with research and social media marketing duties, Deana will lead the company’s blog initiative, interviewing podcasters, writing and editing articles, and managing other writers.

Deana Korsunsky Headshot

The Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Margot Chambon, U3, Art history and Communication Studies

Margot will be interning at Art Souterrain, a non-profit artistic organization in Montreal that represents and supports rising young Canadian artists. With a background in Art History, Communication Studies and Cinema, Margot hopes to apply her cultural knowledge to the organization of the ARTCH project consisting in the curation of an outdoor exhibition and the training of artists in the field of artistic entrepreneurship.

Margot Chambon Headshot

Leora Schertzer, U2, Environment

Leora will be interning in the Arts & Culture department at CKUT, a non-profit community radio station based in Montreal. She will lead the production of The Expanding Economics Podcast, which explores economic pluralism. She will also assist with station programming and administration. Additionally, she will conduct an independent research project investigating the impact of digital platforms on the future of campus radio. Leora hopes to learn new ways to find relevant information and share untold contemporary histories, as well as practically apply the theoretical knowledge she has learned in the MSE and AHCS departments.

Leora Schertzer Headshot

Melody Hsu, U1, Double majoring in International Development Studies and Art History

This summer, Melody will be interning at the Kabir Center for Arts and Culture, a non-profit arts center promoting South Asian Classical Arts to the public of Montreal and elsewhere in Canada. She will be working with the organization to promote events and to identify audiences for the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal - the best of contemporary South Asian productions in the domain of cinema. Melody hopes to use this opportunity to learn about the market development of an art center.

Melody Hsu Headshot

Naomi Gelinas, U3, Joint Honours Political Science and International Development

Naomi will be interning at Equitas – a non-profit organization leading the way in human rights education both in Canada and internationally. Naomi will be part of the Canada-focused branch of the organization, in their Montreal office. Through this internship, Naomi hopes to learn more about how to actively bring human rights discussions to the forefront of education and work in Montreal, aiming at bringing positive changes in her own community.

Naomi Gelinas Headshot

Hannah Dodd, U2, Geography

Hannah is a Canadian student from Vancouver, BC. This summer, she will be completing two internships. The first is with Post Game Professions, a start-up connecting talented female athletes to careers. The second is with Sawatch Labs, a greentech company that is using data to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. She looks forward to learning about the business development of a start-up and how data can influence environmental decisions alongside strong teams of like-minded individuals.

Hannah Dodd Headshot

Disha Garg, U2, English

Disha will be interning with the Shoreline Press, Montreal. Shoreline is an organization dedicated to helping first-time authors publish their works. During this internship, Disha will be involved in various activities related to publishing, including editing, reviewing, and designing. As a student of English Literature major, she is passionate about language and how it is a powerful tool for expression. This opportunity will allow her to hone her own language skills as an aspiring writer.

Disha Garg Headshot

Oscar Chisholm, U2, Anthropology

Oscar’s internship with the Royal British Columbia Museum and Professor Peter Johansen at McGill will consist of online archival work and desktop-based research, largely consisting of previous site reports and archives relating to the lithic assemblages housed by the RBCM which were originally intended to be studied and analysed. Oscar has been a passionate student of Archaeology since he was 16 years old, with 3 years of previous experience volunteering at the RBCM, as well as fieldwork on Vancouver Island and mainland Greece.

Oscar Chisholm Headshot

Juliette Croce, U2 Joint Honors Philosophy and Political Science

Juliette will be interning at Social Justice Connection, a human rights advocacy and education non-profit organization based in Montreal. She will be using her passion for human rights to conduct research and support projects for SJC’s education branch, aimed at developing a curriculum with a focus on engaging discussion on global inequalities and human rights injustices.

Juliette Croce Headshot

Maya Garfinkel, U2, Political Science

Maya will be interning with the Green Team, a grassroots advocacy project of two leading climate justice organizations, NRDC Action Fund and EDF Action, that works in seven key US Congressional Districts to support and promote members of Congress that support meaningful climate policy. Maya looks forward to participating in virtual trainings, reaching out to communities in key districts and implemented project to further the goals of the organization ahead of the 2020 election.

Maya Garfinkel Headshot

Magritte Gordaneer, U1, Political Science

Magritte Gordaneer will be interning with Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, a non-governmental organization that advocates for peace on an international level through feminism. Magritte is pursuing a degree in Political Science, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, and History. She will aid the Canadian Voice of Women by providing a unique anti-nuclear perspective to the planning of the 75th Anniversary Memorial for Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 2020 and continue to work for peace.

Magritte Gordaneer Headshot

Lindsay Nissinoff, U3, Industrial and Labour Relations

Lindsay will be interning remotely at Innovation Department, a New York City tech startup where she will collaborate with team members to develop marketing initiatives for the portfolio Health and Wellness Brand, WellPath. Throughout the summer, she will build ambassador and influencer programs, manage all social media channels, and assist with expanding the portfolio brand’s market position.

Lindsay Nissinoff Headshot

Manya Srivastava, U3, Economics and International Development

Manya is a third year student pursuing a double major in Economics and International Development Studies. She will be interning at WALO, a start-up in the FinTech industry aiming to bring financial education the youth of our world. Manya is excited to gain valuable experience in an open and receptive start-up environment where she will also gain skills that she can apply in her academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

Manya Srivastava Headshot

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Hannah Block, U3, International Development Studies

Hannah, an honours student in International Development, will be completing a research internship with Elimu Evaluation Impact Unit this summer. Elimu is an NGO, operating in Kianyaga, Kenya, which undertakes the rigorous evaluation of economic development projects in order to identify the most effective ways to reduce poverty and support socio-economic development. Hannah will be working on randomized controlled trial experiments to determine the effect of different interventions such as the remote tutoring of primary school children.

Hannah Block Headshot

Bryce Internship Award

Kai Trotz-Motayne, U2, History and African Studies

Kai is a driven and hardworking student currently completing her Joint Honours degree in History and African Studies with a double minor in Political Science and Communications. Kai will be interning at a women's empowerment organization in Guyana, where she will gain firsthand experience working at an NGO. After graduation, Kai hopes to continue working with grassroots organizations focused on the advancement of people in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Kai Trotz-Motayne Headshot

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award 

Lauren Jelinek, U3, Geography

Lauren will be interning at the Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA), an NGO in Kenya that advocates for human and land rights, enhances diversification of Indigenous livelihoods, and works with Indigenous pastoral peoples to address environmental and climate change challenges. With a strong interest in livelihoods, conservation and land rights, Lauren is looking forward to contributing to research relating to ILEPA’s topics of interest and exploring these topics for her honours research paper.

Lauren Jelinek Headshot

Amaani Ataullah, U2, Anthropology

Amaani is a second-year student majoring in Psychology and Anthropology with a minor in History. She will be interning for the Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) based in Nanyuki, Kenya. IMPACT aims to tackle a variety of socio-political issues that undermine the dignity of indigenous minorities in Northern Kenya. Amaani’s specific interest lies in evaluating the viability of microfinance as well as the ways in which climate change has altered traditional gender roles.

Amaani Ataullah Headshot

Justine Coutu, U2, Economics and International Development

Justine is an Economics and International Development student who will spend her summer doing remote research for the Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) project. She will also support the Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT), an organization working with indigenous peoples on land rights, peace building, and strengthening the livelihoods of local communities. She hopes to use this opportunity to study the impacts of climate change and land reforms on resource-based conflicts in the region.

Justine Coutu Headshot

Munesu Mafusire, U2, Political Science

Munesu will be working with the Canada-Africa Business Chamber remotely this summer. He will be working directly under the President of the Chamber to assist with making recommendations to policy makers and will assist in day-to-day activities, while participating in the Chamber’s events. With his interests in Africa and Communications, he will help expand the Chamber’s network. Currently, he is pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in African Studies.

Munesu Mafusire Headshot

Raphael Katz-Zeitlin, U2, Environment-Ecological Determinants of Health In Society

Raphael will be interning with Symbiosyn as a Khanawa:ke Food Sovereignty Leadership Action-Research Intern. Raphael will be working with community stakeholders and elders to study Two-Eyed Seeing’s role in food sovereignty. Additionally, he will focus on methods of putting these theories into practice during the Covid-19 pandemic. His work will help the organization shape future projects and research, focused on Westerns and Indigenous’ relationships and approaches to food systems, as well as provide food to families in need and shorten cultural divides.

Raphael Katz-Zeitlin Headshot

The Chris Tyler Marckmann International Social Work Summer Internship Awards

Zachary Jericho Couture, U1, Joint Honours Political Science and World Islamic & Middle East Studies

Zachary Couture has considerable experience in Arts for community empowerment. A member of the McGill Concert Choir between 2018 and 2020, he has also worked with Montreal’s Teesri Duniya Theatre, researching marginalized voices in performance and organizing anti-racist theatre initiatives. With a background of volunteer and work experience with youth, he aims to bring his knowledge and experience to Edmonton’s Islamic Family and Social Services Association where he will help support newcomer and refugee youth through online storytelling workshops and engagement.

Zachary Couture Headshot

David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award 

Elizabeth Murphy, U3, International Development Studies

Elizabeth will be working this summer at Matthew House Toronto, an organization dedicated to supporting refugee claimants in the Greater Toronto Area with services including sheltering programs, settlement support programs, refugee hearing preparation programs, and child and youth services. Elizabeth has experience in working with NGOs and government agencies supporting refugees in the United States. She hopes to expand her knowledge of the refugee process in Canada and learn how to appropriately support local refugee communities.

Elizabeth Murphy Headshot

The Faculty of Arts Internship Award

Nathan Manhas, U3, History and International Development Studies

This summer, Nathan will be interning with the 78th Fraser Highlanders in Montreal. This British infantry regiment was raised in Scotland in 1757 to fight in the Seven Years’ War in North America. Nathan will be researching the descendants of the original regiment and their subsequent additions to the development of Canadian culture. Nathan is grateful for this opportunity that will strengthen his research skills in proximity with primary sources and knowledge.

Nathan Manhas Headshot

Gracie Forgie, U2, History

This will be Gracie’s second summer interning with the Black Watch Museum and Archives. They are Canada’s oldest Highland Regiment and have accumulated one of the best Regimental archives in Canada. Gracie is excited, and grateful, to once again work with their fascinating archival material, develop her research skills, and continue to learn about the history of the Scots in Canada.

Gracie Forgie Headshot

Félix Gariépy, U1, History

Félix has completed his first year in the major of History and Classics at McGill University. Thanks to the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Internship Award, Félix will be interning at the Montreal History Center. He will have the opportunity to pursue his own academic interests for the broad history of Quebec through community-engaged learning and direct contact with the archives of the city of Montreal.

Félix Gariépy Headshot

Denbeigh Whitmarsh, U3, French

Denbeigh will be interning as an assistant researcher for the Programme d’études sur le Québec at the Centre d’histoire de Montréal and the Mémoire des Montréalais.es, in Montréal, QC this summer. She will assist the CHM/MEM in the development of a memoir on the diverse cultural heritage of Montreal. Denbeigh is fascinated by the multi-lingual history of the city, and he is excited to learn more about its cultural roots. Denbeigh will also be interning remotely as an assistant editor at Shoreline Press, based in the Eastern Townships, QC, for the summer of 2020. She will assist Shoreline in the editing, publication, and marketing of two books by new Canadian authors. Denbeigh is excited at the chance to work hands-on with authors and manuscripts, and to learn more about the dynamics of the publishing industry in Canada through the virtual meetings of the AELAQ.

Denbeigh Whitmarsh Headshot

Pascal Hogue, U2, Political Science and English Literature

Pascal will be interning for the Centre d’histoire de Montréal/Mémoire des Montréalais.es in Montreal this summer. He will assist the Centre’s work on a book documenting the various histories of Montreal’s neighbourhoods and peoples, with historical and archival research, as well as translation.

Pascal Hogue Headshot

Finnley MacKillop, U3, Honours Urban Studies

Finnley will be interning at the Centre d’Histoire de Montréal – Mémoires des Montréalaises, a museum that aims to help Montrealers and tourists alike understand and appreciate the history of Montréal, as well as their role in shaping its future. Finnley is looking forward to assisting the CHM by translating content from French into English, as well as by researching and identifying new sources to further strengthen the CHM’s exhibitions.

Finnley MacKillop Headshot

Molly Rae Kines, U1, Linguistics

Molly will be interning this summer with the Centre de Ressources et d’Action Communitaire de la Petite-Patrie (CRACPP), an anti-poverty organization based in Montreal, Quebec. Her duties will consist of writing press releases and newsletters, updating the content of the website, contributing content for social media, and assisting in various administrative tasks. She is thrilled to contribute her passion and energy to such an important initiative, and she hopes to positively impact the organization’s efforts.

Molly Rae Kines Headshot

Sonia Bucan, U2, Political Science and International Development

Sonia will be interning with the Institute of Human Development and Well-Being this summer. She studies Political Science and International Development Studies at McGill, and she is going into her final year. Sonia is an experienced writer and researcher with interests in human rights, social justice, and sustainable development. She is particularly passionate about women’s empowerment and youth agency. She will be working on projects related to indigenous youth mentoring this summer.

Sonia Bucan Headshot

Joy Hannam, U2, International Development

Joy is a third-year student pursuing a degree in International Development with double minors in Health Geography and Psychology. She will be interning for the Institute for Human Well-Being and Participatory Cultures Lab in Montreal. She will be working specifically on projects related to visual methodologies and work in Cellphilm and Gamification. This internship aligns well with Joy’s interest, and she hopes to help in connecting people through various mediums.


Joy Hannam Headshot

Mary Lynne Loftus, U3, Political Science

Mary Lynne will be interning at the McGill Institute for Human Development and Well Being. Passionate about advocacy and community engagement, Mary Lynne will be working with fellow interns on research development, social media and outreach efforts. Mary Lynne is excited to see firsthand how participatory approaches to research and social action can play a positive role in communities at home and abroad.

Mary Lynne Loftus Headshot

Liam Olsen, U2, History and Political Science

Liam will be interning at the Jardin de Metis, a national historic site, museum, and gardens based in the Gaspé Peninsula. Together with Alexander Reford, the museum’s Chief Curator, Liam will explore the nature of political lobbying in the 19th century and the relationship between Scottish-Canadian capitalists and politicians. This will be achieved through the examination of correspondence between key figures and other primary sources that have been digitized by Library and Archives Canada.

Liam Olsen Headshot

Sophie Thompson, U2, Art History

Sophie will be interning with the Lachine Museum, a small museum with a varied collection located in Lachine, Quebec. She hopes to learn about how museums curate and maintain their collections, and how they contribute to and engage with their communities as important educational institutions. She is looking forward to applying her experiences and new skills to her further studies and work with other museums in the future.

Sophie Thompson Headshot

Emily Draicchio, U3, Joint Honours Anthropology and Art History

This will be Emily’s second year interning for The Maski Archaeological Project (MAP). Last summer, she went to India where she was given the opportunity to work on site and develop key archaeological skills including laboratory research and archaeological fieldwork. This year, she will be interning remotely and will primarily complete data entry and data analysis. With an academic background and strong interest in South Asian Archaeology, Emily is excited to apply her knowledge outside of the classroom and to use this experience to prepare for graduate school.

Emily Draicchio Headshot

Audrey Gray, U2, Joint Honours Anthropology and History

Audrey will be interning with the Maski Archaeological Project (MAP) this summer. Working with research centered around Karnataka India, she will be conducting archaeological and textual data analysis remotely. Audrey has a strong interest in archaeology and is focusing her anthropology major within the archaeology stream. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge and gaining experience beyond the classroom.

Audrey Gray Headshot

Allison McCook , U3, Political Science

Allison McCook is a final year Political Science and Canadian Studies student. She will be interning at the Institute for Human Development and Well-being (IHDW), primarily on the More than Words (MTW) project. Given her passion for learning more about Indigenous communities in Canada and social justice issues, Allison is excited to work on the MTW project and learn more about Indigenous youth-led participatory art as it pertains to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Allison McCook Headshot

Colette Anton, U2, Sociology

Colette will be interning for the Participatory Cultures Lab, specifically working on the coordination and development of McGill’s International Cellphilm Festival, analyzing diverse perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 as told through participatory visual methodology. She is eager to integrate and channel her passions for arts education, community development, and youth outreach in a professional setting. Colette is honored to be a part of the PCL team’s impactful work this summer.

Colette Anton Headshot

Anika Hundal, U3, Psychology and English

Anika is entering her third year at McGill and pursuing a double major in Psychology and English: Drama and Theatre. She has been interested in the world of film and television production since childhood, and this summer she will be interning under the film director Monika Mitchell. Anika intends to assist with production and creative decision-making behind the scenes of a film set for a large production company, and use this opportunity to develop her skills and knowledge and make industry contacts.

Anika Hundal Headshot

Wing Wong, U3, Political Science

Wing is a U3 student studying Political Science, Computer Science, and Economics. He will be taking part in an internship at Aplenty Wealth Solutions Management, where he will be responsible for the development of the company branding through website design and social media campaigns. He will also be involved in the writing and research of articles regarding personal finance, investment, and insurance, all of which will help to develop the skills necessary for post-graduate studies.

Wing Wong Headshot
Mathieu Lavault, U2, Political Science

Mathieu is interning as a research assistant for the Environmental Committee hosted by Equitas – an NGO promoting human rights education to push for equality and social justice through its programs and workshops. Mathieu hopes to gain experience and knowledge through working with the Environmental Committee on the interaction between human rights and environmental/climatic issues. He hopes to partake in Equitas’ mission to build a culture of human rights in Canada and around the world.
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Juliette Chesnel, U2, Political Science

Juliette is a second-year student majoring in Political Science and double minoring in International Development and Russian Language. This summer, she will be interning at Equitas, a Canadian NGO committed to advance equality and social justice through education programs in Canada and around the world. Juliette will be responsible for carrying out research and supporting the drafting of terms and reference for the design of a database relating to human rights education.
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Alexander Dieplam, M1, Religious Studies

Alex is an MA student in the School of Religious Studies. This summer, he will intern at Building 21, an organization that brings together students from different fields to think beyond the acknowledged, the recognized, and the comfortable. Alex will integrate the spatial design team and work on their current project which aims to maximize the usable space within the organization. In particular, he will explore the relationships between physical space and learning outcomes.


Madeleine Balliette, U2, Anthropology

Madeleine is entering into her third year in Honours Anthropology, with a minor in Art History. This summer, she will be interning with Tictic, a travel advising start-up concerned with inspiring wanderlust and increasing access to comprehensible, ethical travel information. As a travel marketing intern, she will improve her research and writing skills while learning about the beginnings of a company. In the future, she plans to work in academia, primarily doing social science research. 

Madeleine Balliette Headshot

Leina Gabra, U3, Political Science and History

This summer, Leina will be interning remotely with Leda Health, a female-founded startup company which aims to transform existing systems of sexual assault prevention, care, and justice to better serve survivors and the communities in which they live. As a part of the marketing team, she hopes to combine her knowledge and passion for civil rights issues with her interest in digital marketing.

Leina Gabra Headshot

Emma Massucci—Templier, U3, Political Science and Economics

Emma will be interning at KEYS, a real estate agency in Montreal, where she will be responsible of conducting financial analyses in order to check financial viability of rental property investments. She will complete the audits, keep track of transactions as well as assist on market searches and communication with investors. Emma looks forward to contributing to such an exciting project that will deepen her skills in finances and hopefully push her to pursue a related career path.

Emma Massucci-Templier Headshot

The Gail Elizabeth Todgham Arts Internship Award

Giuliana Garofalo, M1, History of Medicine

Giuliana is a first-year MA student, pursuing a degree in History of Medicine. She will be interning with the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums (CFFM), a non-profit organization that promotes volunteerism in museums. Her role will focus on the CFFM’s communications. By assisting with the writing and editing of their newsletter, Au Courant, Giuliana is eager to promote the value of museums and heritage sites to the Canadian public.

Giuliana Garofalo Headshot

The Goodman Family Internships

Sophia Rafuse, U3, Political Science

Sophia is an undergraduate student in political science and gender, sexuality, feminist and social justice studies. She will be interning at Social Justice Connection, an NGO dedicated to human rights education in Montreal. Her tasks in this internship will primarily include conducting research to support SJC’s various projects on climate justice, corporate social responsibility, and global citizenship. Through this internship, she intends to further develop her understanding of work in the non-profit sector and the human rights implications of the current crisis.

Sophia Rafuse Headshot

Jennah Landgraf, U1, Environment

Jennah will be an operations and administration intern at The Green Stop, a local start-up based in Montreal that works to provide temporary access to infrastructure and environmental services in public and private spaces. As a U1 student in Environment and Development, Jennah is elated to have this opportunity to explore at first-hand what it takes to be a social and environmental entrepreneur, while helping to reduce the environmental impact made across the city.

Jennah Landgraf Headshot

Zahra Anwar, U2, Sociology

Zahra will be interning at Just Solutions, a legal clinic specialized in immigration, refugee, and humanitarian law. She has always been passionate about helping vulnerable people from disadvantaged backgrounds. By giving legal aid to immigrants and refugees with a precarious legal status, Zahra hopes to make a positive impact as well as a meaningful and lasting contribution to their lives. She is very excited and looks forward to having such a rewarding experience.

Zahra Anwar Headshot

The Gregg Blachford and David McGillivray Internship Award

Shaquiera Hamilton, U3, International Development

Shaquiera is a third-year student in International Development with a double minor in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. She will be interning with Queer Media Database Canada-Quebec Project (Mediaqueer), a non-profit organization that works to support Canadian queer media. As someone passionate about promoting positive representation of marginalized communities, Shaquiera is thrilled to work with Mediaqueer to empower queer artists within Canada.

Shaquiera Hamilton Headshot

Astrid Mohr, U2, Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice Studies

Astrid is a third-year Honours student majoring in Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice Studies. She will be interning with Dr. Alanna Thain at Media Queer, an online catalogue of digital queer media across Canada. Astrid is particularly interested in studying and organizing feminist film festivals and she looks forward to learning from the archives and members of Media Queer. Hopefully, this internship will inform her path to building expressive, confident feminist and queer arts communities.

Astrid Mohr Headshot

The Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit 

Alice Ishimwe, U1, Social Work

Alice is a student going into her second year of Social Work. Alice is interested in working with refugees and is an active member of WUSC McGill, a student-led sponsorship group that supports refugee students with settling in Canada. This summer, Alice is e-volunteering with WUSC’s Student Refugee Program to help prepare students coming from Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi.

Alice Ishimwe Headshot

Laurence LeBlanc, M2, Political Science and International Development Studies

Laurence recently finished her MA in Political Science at McGill, and is starting her law degree at McGill in Fall of 2020. She hopes to use her internship experience learning about domestic politics, equity writing and research, and representing underrepresented populations in the Canadian context.

Laurence LeBlanc Headshot

Jordana Schiff, U2, Political Science and World Islamic and Middle East Studies

Jordana is a third year student studying Political Science, Islamic Studies, and Social Entrepreneurship. This summer she will be interning for Impact Israel, a startup nonprofit educational organization. She is excited to be able to work with Impact Israel to not only gain firsthand experience working for a nonprofit and a startup but also to be able to help educate people about the Arab-Israeli conflict, a cause that is very important to her.

Jordana Schiff Headshot

The Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Michelle Hahn-Baker, U3, Honours English Literature and Communication Studies

Michelle is a U3 student in Honours English Literature and Communication Studies. This summer, she will be a communications intern at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal, Canada. Given her passion for environmental protection and belief in cooperative social progress, Michelle is excited to promote the CBD’s work to individuals around the world. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career promoting arts and culture amidst the climate and biodiversity crises.

Michelle Hahn-Baker Headshot

The Ithaca Arts Internship Award/Bourse Ithaque pour les stages en Arts

Luc Gruget, U2, Honours International Development Studies

Luc has a long history of international volunteering and international development: from the age of 12 he’s been volunteering in international initiatives in Guatemala, Japan, and Greece; and he is currently pursuing an Honours program in International Development Studies. In the summer of 2020, Luc will be interning at the Groupe URD, a French humanitarian thinktank, working specifically in their COVID-19 Observatory. In this role, he will write brief notes dedicated to improving humanitarian response.

Luc Gruget Headshot

The Jennifer Ritter Arts Internship Award

Grace Polkosnik, U1, Cognitive Science

Grace will be working at Centre For Addiction And Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario. She will be learning from Dr. Tony George, studying addiction in people with schizophrenia. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn in lab and clinical environments, and to explore her interest in psychiatry.

Grace Polkosnik Headshot

The John Wasileski Externship Awards

Andrew Yang, U2, Liberal Arts

Andrew is a U2 student majoring in Liberal Arts and minoring in Hispanic Studies and Communications Studies. With a keen passion for journalism and writing, his internship at the Portland Monthly will provide him key insights into the world of reporting at the local level. He will assist with all operations related to the publication, including reporting, writing, and editing. Andrew is excited for the opportunity to immerse himself in the rich, diverse culture of Portland, Maine and contribute his writing to the community.

Andrew Yang Headshot

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Abigail Drach, U3, Theatre and Gender Studies

Abigail will be interning with the 12th Women Playwrights International Conference (WPIC), which will be held in Montréal in June 2021. Abigail is pursuing a joint honours degree in Theatre and Gender Studies with a particular interest in how the two disciplines inform each other. Working with WPIC will allow her to engage with her two academic interests in the real world and to learn from professional theatre artists and scholars who share her feminist values.

Abigail Drach Headshot

Lev Bukhman Internship Award 

Ellerie Roberts, U3, Political Science and International Development Studies

Ellerie Roberts is in her third year at McGill University, pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Development Studies. She will be interning this summer with the Climate Reality Project Canada (CRPC), which seeks to educate the public about the impacts of climate change and to advocate for sustainable action at every level of society. She hopes to use this opportunity to work with community leaders and local government towards furthering Canada’s contribution to a global solution to the climate crisis.

Ellerie Roberts Headshot

Elinor Poole-Dayan, U1, Mathematics and Statistics

Elinor is a first-year student pursuing an Honours degree in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. She will intern at the Project Kesher, a nonprofit organization that aims to build a Jewish community and advance civil society by developing and empowering women leaders. She will create a new website for their Israel branch and research key data on international issues. She is excited to apply her technical skills to the areas she is passionate about.

Elinor Poole-Dayan Headshot


Eve Cable, U2, English

Eve will be interning at the Regent Park Film Festival in the socioeconomically diverse community of the Regent Park area in Toronto. The organisation hosts an annual festival showcasing work by people from all walks of life in the Regent Park community, with a particular focus on accessible opportunities for low income and public housing communities, as well as year-round programming. Eve is a Cultural Studies major with a focus on revolutionary and experimental film. She looks forward to using her experience in her programming at RPFF.

Eve Cable Headshot

Reiko Kobayashi, U2, Geography

Reiko majors in Geography (Urban Studies) and minors in Environment and Geographic information system & Remote Sensing. She will be interning remotely for the community-based organization South Rift Association of Landowners (SORALO) from Tokyo, Japan. SORALO aims to promote and conserve the environment and pastoralist livelihoods in Kenya’s South Rift. Reiko hopes to contribute to SORALO’s conservation efforts and hopes to further understand different livelihoods in a changing environment.

Reiko Kobayashi Headshot

Madeleine Northfield, U2, International Development Studies and African studies

Madeleine is a third-year student pursuing a Joint Honours degree in International Development studies and African studies, with a minor in Economics. She will be interning at the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) based in New York City, where she will be developing strategic programing for education about the United Nations. As a passionate advocate of youth involvement development, Madeleine hopes to learn about how NGO’s connects students to the work of the United Nations.

Madeleine Northfield Headshot

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Francesca Mercurio, U2, Art History

Francesca is a third-year student pursuing a major in Art History, minoring in French Language and Communication Studies. She will be interning at the Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC), an art institution based in Toronto and it has been active for 133 years. WAAC seeks to promote some of Canada’s leading and emerging female artists. Francesca is looking forward to pursuing her passion for the arts by assisting in curatorial work, planning events, and working to attract a younger demographic.

Francesca Mercurio Headshot

The McDonald Currie Fund for International Management and Development Internship Award

Enkhuun Byambadorj, U1, International Development and Environment

Enkhuun is pursuing a Joint Honors degree in International Development and Environment. She will be interning with People In Need – Mongolia, a non-profit advocating for human rights across 25 different countries. Through her internship, she hopes to deepen her understanding of the development and environment concepts presented in class within a local context, as well as survey the relationship between international organizations, local initiatives, and their host governments.

Enkuun Byambadorj Headshot

Nicol Family Foundation Internship Award

Sophie Strassman, U2, Economics

Strassmann will be interning for the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association under the supervision of Professor Suzanne Preston Blier, a member of the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science, on work related to real-time housing policy issues in Cambridge University. Over the summer, Strassmann will take her classroom experience to the real world and help the city use their funds more efficiently and flesh-out policy misconceptions on housing regulations and equitable policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sophie Strassman Headshot

Nikhita Panwar, U3, Economics and International Development Studies

Nikhita will be interning at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies, based in Sri Lanka. She will be involved in the Institute’s Global Economy Programme which focuses on analysing Sri Lanka’s trade, foreign investment and economic policies. Nikhita will be assisting in researching and writing the Institute’s publications, and hopes to use this experience in economic research and policy development.

Nikhita Panwar Headshot

Mariam Grigoryan, U3, Economics and International Development

Mariam will be interning with InPath Detroit, an online software development solutions provider that aims to help students who were highly affected from COVID-19 by providing them employment opportunities with start-ups and local partners. Working as a Program Manager for the InPath Female Empowerment Program, Mariam is excited to give guidance and support to young female entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Mariam Grigoryan Headshot

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Eman Alali, U3, Political Science

Eman will be interning at the Refugee Centre (TRC) in Montreal. TRC aims to provide a sustainable structure of integration for refugees in Canada. Eman intends to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many obstacles that refugees face today, and to empower them socially and economically in order for them to successfully integrate into Canadian society. This internship will help conceptualize how to amalgamate various fields to create innovative solutions to systemic challenges.

Eman Alali Headshot

The Susan Casey Brown Fund for McGill

Natalie Schaller, U3, Honours Political Science and World Islamic and Middle East Studies

Natalie is a rising fourth-year student at McGill. She is studying Honours Political Science and World Islamic and Middle East Studies. This summer, she will be completing a remote internship with the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST). ADST is a DC-based organization that captures, preserves, and shares the experiences of America’s diplomats. Through her internship, Natalie will be able to collect and publish U.S. diplomatic oral history.

Natalie Schaller Headshot

Amelia Murphy, U2, Sustainability, Science, and Society

Amelia is currently pursuing a degree of B.A. & Sc. in Sustainability, Science, and Society. She will be interning for the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE) as a Cryoactivism Researcher and Editor. At CHRE, Amelia will be working to promote awareness of the cryosphere and glacier melt, with a concentration on the impacts on and implications for human rights. She hopes to gain experience and skills to prepare for her graduate studies.

Amelia Murphy Headshot

Hannah Block, U3, International Development Studies

Personal Description - Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick’s Environmental Practice Group Hannah, an honours student in international development and environment, is currently completing an environmental law internship with Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick’s Environmental Practice Group. Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP is a full-service business law firm composed of over 260 attorneys in 7 locations across the United States. Hannah has completed research on the possible approaches to making legal claims under the concept of “Environmental Justice,” supporting a case. Now, she is researching sustainability in the context of environmental law, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on corporate sustainable investment and environmental programs.

Hannah Bloch Headshot


Diego Alejandro Albuja Arellano, M1, Economics

Diego will be interring at ELIMU, a non-profit organization in Kianyaga, Kenya established to conduct a rigorous evaluation of development projects to identify the most effective ways to mitigate poverty. Diego will be involved in monitoring and collecting information from the existing projects, which includes the construction of an electricity generator. His fieldwork will contribute to the existing literature on development economics and can be used by policymakers to design efficient strategies to reduce poverty.

Diego Alejandro Albuja Arellano Headshot

Sofia Mikton, U3, Honours International Development Studies

This summer Sofia will be interning remotely with the International Service for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. Sofia is currently a third year student at McGill University, pursuing an honours degree in International Development with a minor in Communications. As an intern for ISHR, Sofia hopes to learn more about the type of work that human rights defenders do and gain insight into the world of non-governmental work.

Sofia Mikton Headshot

Ava Occhialini, U3, International Development Studies and History

Ava’s internship at RAICES, a Texas-based immigration advocacy non-profit, will allow her to focus on institutional development and non-profit fundraising while exposing her to the challenges of working in a rapidly expanding and socially motivated legal organization. As a Development Relations and Operations intern, Ava will work in a variety of teams allowing her to collaborate on projects which further the public engagement, fundraising, and finance initiatives of this organization.

Ava Occhialini Headshot

Rebecca Parry, U3, History

Rebecca is a third-year student pursuing a major in History with a minor concentration in South Asian studies. This summer, she will be interning at Machik, a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. which works to develop new opportunities for education, capacity–building, and innovation on the Tibetan Plateau. She hopes to enrich her understanding of sustainable innovation and explore her interests in human rights advocacy and governance in the Tibetan context.

Rebecca Parry Headshot

Lorenzo Béatrix, U2, Art History and International Development

Lorenzo is a student in Art History and International Development Studies, passionate about Contemporary Art. Last summer he was interning at the Kamel Mennour gallery and currently a research assistant for the McGill Art History Department. This summer he will be interning at Christie’s auction house in the Contemporary Art Department in Paris. He hopes to gain knowledge and experience to become an international specialist in the art market.

Lorenzo Béatrix Headshot

Claire Downie, U3, Economics

This summer, Claire will be interning at the Clean Water Advocacy Center, which provides public interest legal services and advocacy for issues concerning water. Claire is thrilled to be gaining experience working at a public interest organization, especially one that connects to her studies in Health Geography.

Claire Downie Headshot

Alexis Scott, M1, Political Science

Alexis will be interning with the Universal Rights Group, a Geneva-based think-tank dedicated to analysing and strengthening human rights policy around the world. Conducting research on the prevention mandate of the Human Rights Council and closely following the proceedings of the Council’s 44th session, Alexis looks forward to supporting this one-of-a-kind institution in their provision of independent and policy-relevant recommendations to states and other human rights stakeholders.

Alexis Scott Headshot

Elizabeth Strong, U3, Political Science

Elizabeth is a rising fourth-year Honours Political Science student with a double minor in Management and Communications Studies. She will be interning in her home state of Colorado with John Hickenlooper’s campaign for United States Senate. Her focus will be on “get out the vote” campaigns and voter outreach. Elizabeth is looking forward to participating in such a historic campaign and learning more about the inner-workings of electoral processes, politics, and democracy.

Elizabeth Strong Headshot

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Anja Helliot, U2, Political Science

Anja is a second-year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in both Economics and African studies. She will be interning remotely with International Community Action Network (ICAN) a research project led by the African Conservation Center and McGill University, which aims to identify effective community-based practices that help conserve East Africa’s biodiversity and enhance local livelihoods. During her internship, Anja hopes to deepen her knowledge on issues at the intersection of indigenous community, climate actions and sustainable development.

Anja Helliot Headshot

Toten Family Arts Internship Award

Michael Black, U2, Political Science and History

Michael is a third-year political science and history major and this summer he will intern at the Asia Centre in Paris, France. The centre is an independent research institute, which analyses policy issues throughout the Asia-Pacific, relying on its network of local specialists. Michael is excited to assist the centre in its research activities and hopes to learn more about the region.

Michael Black Headshot

The Vanasse Wilbert International Experience Internship

Juanyu Yang, U2, International Development

Juanyu Yang is a second year student pursuing a Joint Honours in International Development Studies and Psychology. She will be interning with the Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre, a research NGO based in Kianyaga, Kenya, which evaluates various development initiatives to identify the most effective ways to enhance the standard of living. She will be combining experimental research with fieldwork to develop policies on poverty alleviation and economic development.

Juanyu Yang Headshot

Shaydah Ghom, U2, Honours International Development Studies

Shaydah is going into her final year of undergraduate studies in the Honours International Development Studies program with minors in Political Science and Social Entrepreneurship. She will be interning remotely with In-Sight Collaborative, a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the ways humanitarian aid is delivered by promoting autonomy and dignity among displaced populations. Shaydah hopes to gain a greater understanding of the frameworks which make this possible and how In-Sight is able to effectively work with multiple stakeholders to make their mission possible.

Shaydah Ghom Headshot

Arielle Rosenthal, International Development and Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Arielle is a third-year McGill undergraduate student double majoring in International Development and Latin American and Caribbean studies. She is very passionate about helping people and will be interning with Nonviolence International and Embrace Relief. Working specifically with the Nonviolence New York Office, Arielle is eager to gain a more in-depth experience on the civil society coalitions and events within United Nations network. Arielle is also excited to be working with Embrace Relief and learn more about the humanitarian operations that they conduct. Both organizations will provide Arielle with an invaluable insight into a humanitarian career.

Arielle Rosenthal Headshot

The Wendy Patton Keys Arts Internship Award

Meriem Mezdour, M2, Political Science

Meriem will intern at Social Justice Connection (SJC), an independent organization providing education and advocacy about human rights, global poverty and inequality. She will help update SJC workshops/resources on aspects of local and global issues such as human rights, eco-citizenship and social engagement. Her role will also involve raising awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic implications to help communities build resilience. Meriem is excited to deepen her knowledge on social justice education and advocacy while being part of a global movement that voices concern on poverty/inequality.

Meriem Mezdour Headshot

William Henry Kelly Social Work Summer Internship Award


Myrlie Marcelin, M2, Social Work

This summer, Myrlie will be interning with the Open Centre located in NDG. The Open Centre is a holistic private practice dedicated to supporting individuals and couples through specialized mental and physical health services. They aim to support non-conforming populations (BIPOC, gender fluid, LGBTQ2+ or non-monogamous) with a safe and anti-oppressive community environment. As a sliding scale supervised student, Myrlie will be offering remote counselling services to individuals with mental health concerns.

Myrlie Marcelin Headshot


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