Faculty Arts Internship Program Donors


Mark Gallup, ARIA Donor, and Annalise Bouchard, University Affairs, chat before the 20th Annual Arts Internship Event. (Photo by Laura Di Maio)

Professor Myron Echenberg and Eva Echenberg listen to students reflect upon the highlights of their summer internships. (Photo by Laura Di Maio)

Award Donors Carol and Lloyd Darlington (BA '67) pose with 2012 interns Emily Duncan and Ariana Collas at the 2012 Donor Dinner.

Ella Nalepka, recipient of the 2012 Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit, with Donor Joel King.

Donors Gisele Chèvrefils and David Tarr with Jennifer Kern, who interned at NBC during summer 2012.

Intern Kally Bowser with Award Donor Mr. Lloyd Darlington (BA'67) and intern Juan Diego Astudillo at the 2011 Donor Dinner

Award Donor Mr. Allan A. Hodgson (BA'58) with 2011 award recipients Nicolas Magnien and Etienne Cayer

Award Donors Ms. Elizabeth Gomery (BA’98, BCL/LLB'03), Mr. Stephan Fews (BA'96, BCL/LLB'00) and Mrs. Eva Echenberg at the 2011 Donor Dinner

Intern Lena Weber (U3 Internatinal Development Studies) with Award Donors Professor Myron Echenberg (BA'62 MA'64) and Mrs. Eva Echenberg

Donor Dr. Gary Sean Pekeles and Professor Gillian Lane-Mercier at the Donor Dinner on October 18th 2011

Dean Christopher Manfredi with intern Carissa Connelly and Award Donor Mr. Lloyd Darlington (BA'67)

Intern Julie Gao (U3 International Development Studies and African Studies) meeting Award Donor Mr. Lev Bukhman (BA'93) at the Donor Dinner on October 18th 2011 

Donor Mr. Richard King with inters Angela Wilson and Josianna LaMother two of the 2011 recipients of the Hinda Ordower King Awards of Merit

Gabriel Devlin (U3, Biology, Social Studies of Medicine, and Political Science) with donors, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and Brenda Hurley, and their daughter, Prof. Erin Hurley at the 8th Annual Faculty of Arts Internship Event held September 21, 2011.

Genevieve Hill (U3 Political Science and International Development Studies) with Mr. Lloyd Darlington (BA’67) at the 8th Annual Faculty of Arts Internship Event held September 21, 2011. Mr. Darlington and his wife established the Carol & Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award in 2010. Genevieve was an intern in Accra, Ghana at the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment.

Claire Michela (U2 Anthropology, Women’s Studies) and Kavya Paul, (U3 International Management), recipients of the MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships, with Mr. Ken MacKinnon (BA’80) and Ms. Laura Santini (BA’82) at the 8th Annual Faculty of Arts Internship Event held September 21, 2011.

Ms. Tania Zoukin with Naureen Karachiwalla and Shiri Noy, two 2005 recipients ofMs. Tania Zoukin (BA '72) with Naureen Karachiwalla and Shiri Noy, the first two recipients of the Tania Zoukin Arts Internship Award in International Development established in 2004.

Anne Turner stands with Donor Allan Hodgson, Elizabeth Gomery, Daniel Prigmore, Donor Tania Zouikin and Dean Christopher Manfredi

 Award donor David Tarr stands with intern Zenobia Azeem, Dean Christopher Manfredi, intern Laura Pilozzi-Edmonds and Award donor Gisele Chèvrefils.


Mr. David Tarr (BA '61) and Ms. Gisele Chevrefils speaking with Anais Cadieux-Vanvliet, a 2008 recipient of the David Tarr & Gisele Chevrefils Arts Internship Award

Mr. Kenneth Mackinnon (BA '80) and Laura Santini MacKinnon (BA '82) with Chistopher Columb, one of the 2008 recipients of the MacKinnon Initiative Awards for Student Internships


Mr. Lev Bukhman (BA '93) with 4 Faculty of Arts Internship Award Recipients in 2008.

Mr. Allan Hodgson (BA '58) with Nicolas DeGuzman and Marc Trussler, the 2009 recipients of the Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

 From Left to Right: Anne Turner, Director, Faculty of Arts Internship Program, Mr. Allan Hodgson (BA '58), Prof. Myron Echenberg (BA '62, MA '64), Dean of Arts Christopher Manfredi, Mrs. Eva Echenberg, Mr. David Tarr (BA '61) and Mr. Phillip Burgess (BA '81).

Dr. Gary Sean Pekeles (BSc’72, MSc’81) meeting Alysha Kassam, the 2010 recipient of the McDonald/Pekeles Arts Internship Award.

Prof. Myron Echenberg (BA'62, MA'64) and Chardé Morgan chat during the reception after the event. Chardé interned at the National Fisheries and Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) in Uganda, where she got hands-on experience doing research related to her field, Environmental Studies.

Mr. Blake Anderson (BA '80) and Mrs. Nina Anderson (BA '81) with Samantha Nadler and Majd AlKhaldi, two of the 2010 recipients of the Anderson Family Internship Award.

 Prof. Myron Echenberg (BA'62, MA'64) and Eva Echenberg with Philippe Baird and Justin Miletti, the two recipients of the Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award in 2010.