ARIA Internship Spotlight

ARIA Spotlight: Scarlett Xu

25 Jan 2021

Scarlett Xu's ARIA project: A Computational Model of Phonotactics

ARIA Spotlight: Vivian Qiang

25 Jan 2021

Vivian Qiang's ARIA project: Evaluating the Efficacy of AI Ethics Frameworks: A Case Study A short outline of your ARIA research project.

ARIA Spotlight: Alvin Tan

25 Jan 2021

Alvin Tan's ARIA project: Implementation of a Data Interchange Among Worker Nodes in JAMScript

ARIA Spotlight: Abi Wiggans

25 Jan 2021

Abi Wiggans's ARIA project: Religious Mosaic of Montreal Outline of the Montreal Religious Mosaic Project

ARIA Spotlight: Gilli Cohen

25 Jan 2021

Gilli Cohen's ARIA project: Mapping Montreal's Religious History: Jewish Montreal c. 1850-1950

ARIA Spotlight: Katia Kutlesa

25 Jan 2021

Katia Kutlesa's ARIA project: SCREEN

ARIA Spotlight: Denis Chmoulevitch

25 Jan 2021

Denis Chmoulevitch's ARIA project: Drivers and solutions for “too much medicine” in mental healthcare: a cross-sectional study

ARIA Spotlight: Peter Ball

25 Jan 2021

Peter Ball's ARIA Project: Social Storytelling: A Quantitative Study of Narrative Patterns in Online Communities

ARIA Spotlight: Eliana Brehaut

25 Jan 2021

Eliana Brehaut's ARIA project: Optimal cutoff selection in depression screening studies using the PHQ-9, EPDS, and HADS


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