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Estimated decision dates | Entrance ScholarshipsReconsideration of an admission decision 

McGill’s admission process is complex and very competitive. Applications are numerous, diverse and academically strong. Some decisions take longer because of special admission requirements, limited program space or when there are delays in obtaining necessary academic documentation. Our review will take more time if you have claimed extenuating circumstances.

As a McGill applicant, you are responsible for tracking the completeness of your application on Minerva and providing any documents requested by our admissions officers promptly (we cannot render a decision if your application is incomplete). Please note that, once your application is complete, you may still have to wait some time for a decision due to our competitive selection process. We understand waiting for a decision can be stressful and we appreciate your patience while we carry out our selections. All dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Applicants to undergraduate programs in the faculties and school listed below* from

Estimated** dates for release of admission decisions for SEPTEMBER 2019

High schools outside the U.S. and Canada

Mid-December 2018 to end of May 2019

High schools in the U.S.

Mid-December 2018 to mid-May 2019*
*Some waiting list candidates for highly competitive programs may receive decisions later

High schools in Canada (except Ontario and Quebec)

Mid-January to end of April 2019*
*Some candidates for highly competitive programs may receive decisions later

High schools in Ontario

Mid-February to end of May 2019*
*Some candidates for highly competitive programs may receive decisions later

CEGEPs, French Lycées in Quebec and
designated high schools in Quebec

End of February to mid-May 2019*
*Some candidates for highly competitive programs may receive decisions later

Mature student applicants;

Special and Visiting applicants from universities/colleges in any location;

Transfer applicants (Canadian and non-Canadian citizens) from universities/colleges  in Canada

Beginning of May to end of July 2019

Transfer applicants from
universities/colleges outside Canada (Canadian and
non-Canadian citizens)

Mid-February to early June 2019

Exchange student applicants

Please consult

*Includes applicants to undergraduate programs in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (including Dietetics and Human Nutrition), Architecture, Arts (including Religious Studies and Social Work), Education, Engineering, Environment, Management, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Science.

**In general, offers of admission are issued to the most competitive applicants first. All decisions dates are subject to space limitations and may change without prior notice.

The following programs have their own schedules for releasing admission decisions. For details, please refer to the faculty website:

Entrance scholarships

All eligible applicants are automatically considered for non-renewable one-year entrance scholarship. Those awarded are notified, normally within a few days of the admission decision.

All those who apply for a renewable Major entrance scholarship are notified as to the outcome (whether or not awarded) within a few weeks of the admission decision.

Reconsideration of an Admission Decision

Starting on March 1 and until June 30, any applicant who has been denied admission may submit a written request for reconsideration to the admissions office which denied admission. The request must include information in support of the request for reconsideration; see Procedure for Requesting Reconsideration of an Admission Decision. Requests will be processed after April 1.  Due to timing and space constraints, it is not possible to reconsider any decisions made after June 30. Similarly, reconsideration is not possible for transfer, special or visiting applicants. 


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